Brick and Drinks II: Science World After Dark Photos and Leaderboards


So did you have what it takes to get one of the coveted Vancouver LEGO Club Science World After Dark medals?  Well, for bragging rights, we’re posting the Leaderboards for the Events held at last week’s Bricks and Drinks Part II at Science World, so you can see who’s LEGO building reigns supreme.  Plus there’s a tonne of photos.  Are you in any of them?



Blind Build WINNERS – Gillian and Adam at a time of 6:05


Left Hand / Right Hand Build WINNERS – Michael and Annie 3:26


Bag Build WINNER – Dennis 5:06


Speed Build WINNER –  Dave 11:43


Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants and everyone who came out and made this event a smashing success.  We’ll see you again!

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