LEGO Mount Rushmore MOC by Dave Guedes (rhymes with Lettuce)

Congratulations to Dave Guedes on getting one of his MOCs published in an ebook.


VLC member, Dave (Brick Lettuce) wrote:

A few months back I was asked if my Mount Rushmore MOC could included in an eBook “Amazing Brick Faces” by JD Keller. At the time he had a website called “The Brick Idea” which now seems to be rebranded as Anyways, the eBook has finally been released!

The book can be downloaded free for a limited time, although I don’t know how long that limited time will be or how it will be available after that time.

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The Flash TV show episode S03E11 Dead or Alive

Some of you observant people have noticed our favourite toy appear in this week’s episode of The Flash tv show.   Well, as it turns out, two of our members, Dave Guedes and Allan Corbeil were instrumental in it’s creation.   While they couldn’t/wouldn’t tell us anything about it until it aired, you can see it for yourself, now.


You can catch a repeat of the episode this weekend.

If you’re not familiar with Vancouver, the area of town that it depicts is Victory Square located on the Downtown East Side which is home of the War Memorial Cenotaph.   Even Allan and Dave were kept in the dark about how it would actually be used, except they were told to keep it simpler than they had originally envisioned.   So while it may not win a MOC of the year award, it was never intended to be built that way. 

They did not supply the “astronaut” nor any of the minifigs.  They were just told to keep it as if one of the characters had built it to visually demonstrate what needed to be accomplished. 


And hey, isn’t that Draco Malfoy?  I mean Tom Felton!   And for those of you who don’t watch the show, yes the actor who plays Barry Allen (The Flash) is the same guy who played the mean Dalton Academy Warbler from Glee. 

I feel that they did a great job in recreating the area to their specifications.  You can compare the real area as it’s seen later in the episode or head to Google Streetview of the area.

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BrickCan 2017 is happening – April 22 & 23rd – Don’t Miss Out again!

A message from the BrickCan team:

Hello, friend!

Remember when we were talking about Lego, and specifically about the awesome Lego exhibition in Richmond last year? Well, it’s happening again, and I don’t want you to miss out!

On April 22 and 23, 2017, the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC will host the second BrickCan exhibition. You will be able to view a huge variety of original LEGO creations, and shop with vendors selling LEGO themed merchandise as well as rare LEGO parts and sets. In the Creation Station, you can try your hand at building, and participate in interactive activities. If you’re bringing kids ages 12 and under, they’ll receive an exclusive, custom-designed BrickCan building kit to take home.

Last year, tickets for BrickCan sold out very quickly. More tickets will be made available this year, but buy your tickets early so you don’t miss out! Tickets for specific, two-hour viewing times are on sale through Ticketmaster right now. Admission for children aged three and under is free. 

Coming from out of town? Consider staying right at the River Rock Casino Resort – you can get a special BrickCan room rate, available for booking until March 1, 2017. Don’t forget to mention BrickCan while making your reservation. 

For more information and details, go to Looking forward to seeing you there!

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And The Evergreen Line is open…..

With much fanfare, in the wee hours of the morning, three of our intrepid VLC members took a model that 11 builders of the VLC had been working on for the past two months, loaded it up in three cars and moved it to LaFarge Lake Douglas Station the terminus for the brand spanking new Evergreen Skytrain Line which opened up at noon today. 

We were asked to build the LaFarge Lake Douglas Station and the neighbouring Evergreen Cultural Centre out of LEGO bricks.  I knew our guys were up to the challenge, but it was tight timeline to accomplish it, on top of completing the delivery of our annual Festival of Lights Display at Van Dusen Gardens for Make A Wish BC & Yukon Foundation which turned out to be the very same week.

Artist Rendering of the LaFarge Lake Douglas Station.

Artist Rendering of the LaFarge Lake Douglas Station.

The builders include Lee Wager, Jason von Innerebner, Allan C, Will F, Tim Tosino, Paul H, Clayton W, Keith Reed, Shane W, Dave Guedes and John Kwok who took two months, over 250 hours and 40,000 LEGO bricks sourced from all over the world to bring this creation to life.  Unfortunately, in a last minute flurry of emails to the graphics department Dave Guedes was missed off the display credits.  This was not intentional and we are working to resolve this.   As well, Tim’s New Flyer bus didn’t make it into the display cabinet before the lid had to be sealed for opening. It will make it’s way into the display in the near future. 

This project will be at LaFarge Lake Douglas Station for the new few days, before moving on to Coquitlam Centre Mall.  In the spring it will move to the Evergreen Cultural Centre for an exhibit, before finding it’s final home at the Coquitlam Library. 

For more photos of the display, please visit our Flickr album.

Some of the builders who were able to attend the Opening Day Festivities. From left to right Tim T, Jason V, Jennifer F (Translink), Lee W and Will F.

Some of the builders who were able to attend the Opening Day Festivities. From left to right Tim T, Jason V, Jennifer F (Translink), Lee W and Will F.


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Thanks for coming to Vancouver Train Expo 2016

Thanks so much for coming out the Vancouver Train Expo 2016 at the PNE Forums.  It was an overwhelming success with 4900 people attending over the Saturday and Sunday.

Just in case you missed it, here are a few photos taken by VLC President, Allan.  A Flickr gallery with more photos will be posted soon.  And updated here.

trains-2016-1 trains-2016-3 trains-2016-5 trains-2016-6 trains-2016-7 trains-2016-8

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BrickCan 2017 convention open for registration – April 20-23, 2017

Given that I’ve finally got off my butt and registered, I can safely announce this knowing that I won’t be missing out on the fun in April as the attendance will be capped.  🙂

Please note that this announcement is for the four day Adult Builders conference side of the event.  That is, you intend to build and display your MOC’s for the public exhibition.

Most people reading this will be interested in purchasing tickets for a time slot during the two day Saturday or Sunday public exhibition.  Those tickets will be made available for purchase around January 2017.


Returning for its second year in 2017, BrickCan is the largest Public Exhibition of incredible LEGO® creations ever held in British Columbia – And it all happens again this coming April 22-23, 2017! BrickCan also hosts Canada’s largest Adult LEGO® Fan Convention.

BrickCan is a four day event, taking place at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, created and produced by local Adult Fans of LEGO, or “AFOLs” for short. Hundreds of LEGO Builders from across North America and around the world will travel to Vancouver, bringing with them amazing models that they have spent countless hours designing and building. Together, all these AFOLs will set up and stage their creations, showcasing a fantastic temporary display of hundreds of incredible models for everyone to marvel at, including the general public. If you would like to attend the full convention as an AFOL, please visit the Adult LEGO Fan Convention page.

The full Fan convention takes place over four days starting Thursday, April 20, 2017, with the final two days, Saturday and Sunday, April 22-23, 2017, open to the public to enjoy. We invite everyone to come to the River Rock, walk through the displays, meet some of the builders, and have some LEGO fun! Tickets for various sessions on the two exhibition days will be made available in early 2017!

BrickCan is about old friends, new friends and coming together over our common interest in LEGO. We bring our builds to share with our peers and to display them for the public. We hope to foster friendships and community through our enjoyment of LEGO.

Early Registration is $75 CAD and runs through January 20, 2017.



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Game of Thrones: The Wall – Beyond the Brick video

Making it’s debut at BrickCan 2016, The Game of Thrones: The Wall, made another appearance at BrickCon 2016 for those who hadn’t ventured into the Great White North.  Joshua Hanlon of Beyond the Brick interviewed one of the creator/builders, David Gagnon, a member of the VLC.

The fellow VLC builders were Keith Reed and Dave Guedes.

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VLC at Vancouver Train Expo 2016 – Nov 5&6 – PNE Forums


Are you a train enthusiast? If you aren’t, chances are you know someone who is.

Welcome to Metro Vancouver’s biggest train show ever! It’s held in Greater Vancouver (BC) at the Pacific National Exhibition’s Forum Building November 5th and 6th 2016. This annual show, in its 34th year, serves as an exhibition of the great hobby of model railroading, bringing together those with experience and those who are just becoming interested.

The venue for the Vancouver Train Expo is the Pacific National Exhibition Forum building located at 2901 E Hastings St Vancouver, BC. The facility permits all activities to be on the main floor with 44,000 square feet.

For more info:


From VLC’s 2015 Train layout.

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Vault 604 at BrickCon 2016

Okay. So I’m way behind in posting to the VLC front page, since BrickCan 2016 has long come and gone. We’ve participated at the 30th Anniversary of Expo 86 at Science World, Vancouver’s Mini-Maker Faire at the PNE Forums, a few of us were at LEGO’s Imagine Nation Tour and then most recently at BrickCon 2016 in Seattle. Whew… that’s glossing over a lot and missed a few smaller things, but I’ll try to make separate mini posts for them and backdate so it chronologically makes sense.

So back at BrickCan 2016 in April, one of our members Keith, came up with an idea of a RLUG collaborative build. Using the popular Fallout Shelter app, which he also hopelessly addicted many of our members to in “research” for this project. He described it as kind of an ant hill, where everyone, no matter the size of their collection could contribute a room. And it worked well in that many newer VLC members built for it. Another suggestion was made to light it up internally, as we couldn’t tell where the room lighting would be facing and we wanted people to notice all the details. Another suggestion was made to recreate an elevator… and suddenly it was taking a life of it’s own.

So BrickCon 2016 is rolling around and Keith figures to open it up to neighbouring LUGs, like MILUG members who are coming to BrickCan to also build for it. So Jason whips up a new distributable sheet for the Vault 604 Fallout Shelter standards, so everyone could get on board. And they did.

VLC member Kyler has provided video of the layout.

The group won “Best Picture” in the Screen Scenes category.

So if you’re coming to BrickCan 2017, take a look at the Vault 604 Standard and build something to add on. Let’s make it even bigger and even better. Please note that the lighting standard will probably change, as IKEA has discontinued this brand of LED lights.

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BrickCan 2017 – Fallout Shelter Collaborative Build

Are you planning on attending BrickCan April 20 – 23 2017? This year the VLC is opening up our collaborative build of the Fallout Shelter to all Registered Con Attendees wishing to participate. (sorry, but this is not open to the general public)

Below are the guidelines required so your incredibly creative room can be included in this collaborative display at BrickCan.

Rooms will need to be registered for the following reasons:

  • Best room will be voted on
  • We want to avoid too many of the same room
  • We need to roughly know how many rooms to expect so we can plan accordingly


 – sample of an empty room that meets the basic requirements.

Background: This collaborative build draws its inspiration from the Fallout mini game designed for mobile devices called “Fallout Shelter”. You do not need to play the game to contribute to this build, but it will provide further insight to the nature of it. If you have any questions regarding the standard please contact:

  • Jason: jasonvoni <at> gmail <dot> com
  • Kyler: kylerstorm <at> gmail <dot> com
  • Keith: keithjessica.reed <at> gmail <dot> com

Guidelines to adhere to when building any room. (Rooms that do not conform to the standard may not be included.)

  • All rooms are 16 studs deep. If you choose to make a shallower room, make sure your floor plate and your top can support and be supported by rooms with a depth of 16 studs.
  • Room widths are in 16 stud increments. Minimum 16 studs, Maximum 48 Studs. Therefore room widths are: Small – 16, Medium – 32 and Large – 48. (Exception only for elevators – 8 studs and “dirt filler” – 8 studs)
  • Room height is EXACTLY 10 bricks. This includes the floor plate all the way to the top tiles.
  • The top of the room will have few studs so rooms lock together however they must be easy to remove after the show (Think Modular Buildings). Tiles on the top of your room are required to properly support the weight of the structure.
    1. It would be helpful if rooms that are wider than 16 studs contain additional supports to support rooms above. (See Blue 1×2 plates in samples below, be creative with the supports.)
  • Rooms will have a 1x4x6 door frame on either adjoining wall, 2 studs back from the front.
  • On all four lower corners facing the adjacent rooms 1×2 technic bricks with single hole will be included for securing the structure.
  • Lighting will be installed using IKEA Dioder white light bars, available from IKEA in packs with 4 bars included (MSRP $24.99 CAD). Each bar is around 32 studs long and a single set can light 128 studs of rooms.
    1. Lights will be installed at studs 5 and 6 from the back and a hole 2 plates deep must be left in this location and the third plate level down must be tile so the studs to not obstruct the hole.
    2. If absolutely necessary the hole can be 1 brick deep and studs may be present in a hole that deep.
    3. Play with the lighting in your room. While it will be in a standard location, there are many tricks you can use to alter it. Using a 2×8 technic plate with holes in it creating a “spotlight” effect. Adding colored 1×1 transparent round plates can add a color shading effect.
    4. If you have a set of these lights, please label them and bring them.
  • Ceiling fixtures can be included. You may present your room with a top plate to show where the fixtures belong. The top plate will be removed and the fixtures will be attached to the room above. Be sure they don’t obstruct the lighting.

Outside of these guidelines, get creative, there are no color restrictions. We encourage rooms to either hold as incredibly close to the game as possible or to have a certain level of outlandishness. Remember, the time frame that this falls into is around the year 2150, and the world has ended as we know it!

We will consider having some corner rooms (facing 2 sides). If you’d like to make a corner room please submit a request to the email contacts listed at the top of this sheet.

Happy building fellow Overseer!

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