Family FUSE Weekend Vancouver Art Gallery – June 21 and 22nd, 2014


Did you miss seeing our display at Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire?  Well, come out and see us at the Vancouver Art Gallery this weekend, June 21st and 22nd.

For the past year, members of the Vancouver LEGO Club have been building and facilitating the LEGO portion of Douglas Coupland’s everywhere is anywhere and everything is anything which is a major survey exhibition of his visual works.

We intend to build and have the kids play on that theme with our LEGO play brick.  On the hour, we’ll be having short quick build contests for all youngsters to get involved in.


Our area will be run from 11am to 4pm, but there are fabulous child friendly activities happening throughout the entire Art Gallery.  Download the Program Guide now

Make sure you bring some gum to put your mark on Douglas Coupland’s project gumhead.


Our sense of home, community and the world around us is affected by many influences. Join artists, musicians, dancers, performers and educators as they take youhere, there and everywhere! through a range of interactive activities, performances and hands-on workshops!

Featuring: The Cypress Street Band, DB Boyko and Sonic Playground, Malaspina Printmakers, The Now Society and The Vancouver Lego Club.



Douglas Coupland: everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything

May 31 to September 1, 2014

Douglas Coupland: everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything is the first major survey exhibition of the artist’s work and will be presented at the Vancouver Art Gallery from May 31-September 1, 2014. Douglas Coupland is an artist based in West Vancouver whose remarkably prolific production across a diverse range of media over the past 12 years addresses the singularity of Canadian culture, the ubiquity and power of language, as well as the ever-pervasive presence of technology in everyday life. Read more

Visit the exhibition website to learn more.



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Thank you for coming out to Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire!

Thanks so much for all who took the time to come out to Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire.  And thanks to the organizers for putting on a great event and providing with us with a great space to show off our creations.    Photos will be up shortly.

As promised, Paul Hetherington (a.k.a. BrickBaron) brought out his Fabuland creation for what might be the last time.   He’s made updates to it since the last video, adding a Fig Theatre which depicts a night charging to battle a dragon all done in an animatronic way.

It was decided to do an onsite build and the choice was a pseudo Great Ball Contraption.  I say “pseudo” since a GBC in the LEGO AFOL community has strict guidelines.  We just wanted something to come together with an existing ball launcher and it mostly worked well over the weekend.  We did even have on engineer who specialized in long conveyor belt systems (3 miles long) come in and give suggestions on how to make ours better.

In addition we brought out a couple of 4×4 Crawlers which took a tour around the site.    Of course, Titanboa would have crushed them with just one eyelash, but whatever.

Also Keith brought this little black box which was not his creation, but oh boy did it put a smile the people’s faces who simply tried to flick the switch.  The original Ultimate LEGO machine is seen in the video below.

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Brick and Drinks II: Science World After Dark Photos and Leaderboards


So did you have what it takes to get one of the coveted Vancouver LEGO Club Science World After Dark medals?  Well, for bragging rights, we’re posting the Leaderboards for the Events held at last week’s Bricks and Drinks Part II at Science World, so you can see who’s LEGO building reigns supreme.  Plus there’s a tonne of photos.  Are you in any of them?



Blind Build WINNERS – Gillian and Adam at a time of 6:05


Left Hand / Right Hand Build WINNERS – Michael and Annie 3:26


Bag Build WINNER – Dennis 5:06


Speed Build WINNER –  Dave 11:43


Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants and everyone who came out and made this event a smashing success.  We’ll see you again!

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Thank you for coming to Science World After Dark!


Thank you to all the people who came out to Science World After Dark last night.  It was a tonne of fun which was evident by all the people with huge smiles on their faces (okay, alcohol may have been involved) and even larger ones for those who won a coveted Vancouver LEGO Club Game WINNER medal.

The events this time included the LEGO Ball Launcher (of Doom), a partner left hand /right build of an eagle, a bag build of an elephant, speed build of the Marvel Avengers truck and the blind build of Robin’s motorcycle.

Anyways, the leaderboards for bragging rights for each event will be posted soon along with the photos taken from the night.  So come back to our website and check those out soon.

A special shout out to my Left Hand /Right Hand partner Christina, who I somehow managed to lose our round with.  Oh well…  can’t win ‘em all.

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From Britannia Mines blog: What Does LEGO Have to Do with Mining?

I missed posting about this earlier, but it’s a great blog entry for our recently closed Britannia Mining Museum.  It’s been lifted from their blog which can be found here.


What Does Lego Have to do with Mining?

Posted on Monday, March 10, 2014 by Michelle Chan, Exhibit & Program Coordinator

People love Lego – it’s fun, simple, creative, and reminds many of their childhood. I was excited to seeThe History and Future of Mining, a custom-created exhibit by the Vancouver Lego Club come to life at the Museum a week ago and even had a chance to help piece together a couple walls to help with the set up.

But why is the Museum displaying an exhibit made out of LEGO? Isn’t it just a toy for kids?

As the adult builders who are part of the Vancouver Lego Club will tell you, Lego is a building material for all ages. It’s a great way to learn the basics of structural engineering, and many teaching institutions use Mindstorms (a kit that enables builders to assemble robots, program with computers, and control them via Bluetooth, apps and even voice command) to teach about robotics and movement.

This all sounds great for a science centre, how does it fit with the Britannia Mine Museum?

Britannia and Lego share the same spirit of creativity and innovation. Although the principle behind the techniques used in mining and milling have remained more or less the same over decades, Britannia was a place of invention and experimentation. This drive and desire to maximize efficiency pushed Britannia to be a leader with its gravity-fed Mill 3 and use of froth flotation to separate chalcopyrite from waste rock.

Lego means “I put together” in Latin. Each brick by itself is just that – a single brick – but the sum of its parts can result in amazing creations like vehicles, cranes, and furniture. The success of Britannia also lay in the sum of its parts as employees and machines worked together to mine and mill raw ore and make the Britannia Mine the largest producer of copper in the British Commonwealth in 1929.

For a lot of people, mining may not seem the most accessible subject and the Museum (indeed, ANY museum) is always looking for new ways to capture the imagination and attention of every visitor, no matter their enthusiasm. As a visual medium, Lego can make a subject fun and relatable for all ages.The History and Future of Mining display is split into four quadrants that are briefly explained in less than 100 words, but the beauty of the display is that visitors can easily learn the different methods used in each time period by simply examining it – no reading required.

The display extends beyond the table and the Vancouver Lego Club has “hidden” 20 minifigures around the Museum site as an interactive “scavenger hunt”. Visitors are encouraged to find the minifigures and identify them on a ballot sheet for a chance to win a special prize supplied by the VLC. The customizable nature of Lego allows its users to create anything they can imagine and it means that the minifigures often relate to the place they were hidden. Here’s a freebie: a minifigure getting dressed for work is hidden in our Copper Sulphate building where there is a display of miners’ lockers containing clothes and hard hats.

While this display may not be 100% true to reality (the presence of an alien and a surfer come to mind) it is enough for visitors to gain a general understanding of the big picture ideas rather than concentrate on the fine details of statistics and fact. At the end of the day, we hope our visitors leave the Museum with good memories, a few new ideas and an inspired interest in our unique subject and Lego is just the perfect click-fit for Britannia.

The History & Future of Mining by the Vancouver Lego Club is on display in the Assay until April 6, 2014.

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Beyond the BrickBaron – Paul Hetherington interviewed on video

Paul Hetherington a.k.a. BrickBaron is a LEGO builder and artist who is well known throughout the LEGO AFOL community.  Last night, he did an interview with Joshua Hanlon and Matthew Kay from the YouTube channel Beyond the Brick.   It was an informative interview with a lot of good questions and answers and insights into how Paul builds. (hint: deadlines)


Paul Hetherington (BrickBaron) with author and visual artist Douglas Coupland

The interview also reminds me of his many accomplishments that I’ve missed blogging about in the past few months.   He had an article in the February 2014 Brick Journal, his award winning Joker’s Fun House, his won the of the Dean Lovell MOC of the Year award, a few community showcases at the Oakridge LEGO Store and his “advert”-like 40th Anniversary Minifig bus.

We are spoiled and grateful to have him as a member of the VLC and continually look forward to seeing all that he has yet to create for many years to come.

Streamed live on Apr 9, 2014

Joshua Hanlon and Matthew Kay talk with Paul Hetherington.

Joker’s Funhouse:

40th Anniversary Minifig build:

Dean Lovell Award:

Vancouver B.C. Union Station:

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The VLC at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire at the PNE – June 7-8, 2014

We had a lot of fun last year at Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.   It’s great to know that so many of you Makers played and built with LEGO in your youth but then when on to find different mediums to express yourself artistically or professionally.

We’re here to show you that LEGO is still relevant and cool, so come back and see what people are building with it now!

So it’s with great pleasure to find out that we were once again accepted to be part of this year’s Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire (no thanks to me, forgetting application deadlines.) which will again be at the PNE forums.

I had a bit of trouble filling out our application because frankly, I don’t know exactly what our members are going to be showcasing this year.  A lot of our guys are working on projects and some are last minute clutch builders.

I do know that Paul Hetherington will be bringing out Fabuland Fun Faire.  This is a whimsical creation that stirs up a lot of LEGO nostalgia for those growing up in the late 70′s early 80′s.

Below is a video of the creation, but it really should be seen in person to truly appreciate it.

We’re going to do our best to bring things that are interactive, fun and kinetic.   And definitely, it’s a surprise.  (to us too.)

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Slow News days at the Vancouver Sun – LEGO related articles

Must be slow news days at the Vancouver Sun. Normally, I wouldn’t post these here as they are to say the least, oddball.  For the past few days, the Vancouver Sun have posted articles which mention LEGO and not in a good light.  I provide these more for your amusement as they are rather silly articles.  And no, they weren’t even posted on April Fool’s day.

Priest: New Legos ‘can destroy souls’

We’re evil? Okay, Unikitty is.

The first one was about a Polish Priest who decried the evil direction that LEGO is heading in with their Monster Fighters line with it’s Lord Vampire.  New Legos “are a tool of satan and can destroy souls”.  (yup he’s evil, he pluralized Lego)  Of course, he’s also come out against, Hello Kitty and My Little Pony (sorry, bronies)

LEGO is Evil: Priest says.

I see it now. Kim is in the middle and the others are the Real Housewives.

The other was an article about products with gender bias.  And it determined that the LEGO Friends brand was the equivalent of The Real Housewives television series or Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  To their credit, they did write that “when product packaging skews male or female, it is rarely pointless.”

Why gendered products not only persist but thrive

Yay! Everything is AWESOME!

But on a positive note, Tegan and Sara won a bunch of Juno awards.  Although long time artists, they have most recently had a wave of new converts to their music, due to them performing the ever popular song from The LEGO Movie, Everything is Awesome.

Tegan and Sara finding Everything is Awesome

“When I went to see the movie, I was sitting outside the theatre and I could hear the song blasting out of the (cinema),” Quin recalled. “I was both weirdly proud and then also terribly embarrassed of being there. I was just like, oh my God, are people going to come out of the theatre and be like: ‘Oh, there’s the idiot who sang the song sitting out there. What the hell is she doing?’

“It’s so awkward. But I also was like, this is amazing. This is so cool. To be sitting here laughing and listening to the song.”

Editor: I recently heard first hand from a well known person that he was singing the Everything is Awesome song in the car with his friends and then they ended up at a restaurant sitting at the table next to you, Tegan and Sara.  So no, they were not thinking you were an idiot, they think you’re awesome.

Tegan and Sara, their clothing as colourful as LEGO bricks. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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Even more Photos from the Brick and Drink Mixer at Science World After Dark

Here are some more pictures from Science World After Dark – The Drink and Brick Mixer. This was truly an amazing evening and everyone who came had a lot of fun with LEGO bricks. What more could you ask for in an awesome evening out?


There were great people, drinks and LEGO.  We heard that a lot of  you missed out on getting tickets, so there’s another opportunity. Science World is doing all again on April 25, so get your tickets early this time!

Photos courtesy of VLC member Allan Corbeil.

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The Bricks & Drinks Mixer: Green Month Style – Science World After Dark – April 25, 2014


What’s going on here? Our version of Dark Table? Nope. Partner Blind Builds.

So who attended the Science World After Dark: Bricks and Drinks Mixer Part 1 in February?   What do you mean Part 1, there’s a Part 2?   Yup…

If you missed out on the legendary and massively sold out Part 1, have no fear, Science World is doing another LEGO based After Dark again.   The Vancouver LEGO Club intends to be there to provide the entertainment once again.   Some of our popular activities will be brought back using different sets and we’ll add some new ones that will challenge you, so even if you came last time, there will be new things to do.

Many of you also said that you couldn’t get to all of our LEGO Brick activities, so we’ll be a little bit more spread out which means it should be easier to try everything.  And the warmer weather means the outdoor Ken Spencer Science Park should be open and in play!

Celebrate Green Month with us in style and join us for another Bricks & Drinks Mixer featuring LEGO® Travel Adventure and some exclusive green programming. Mix, mingle and explore science like a kid—without the kids!

Friday, April 25  7pm–10pm
Early bird: $18 / Regular: $25.50*

Get your tickets
Or start the night off with dinner—upgrade your ticket to include a Triple O’s burger + fries combo (your choice of beef, chicken or veggie) for only $10 more.

Get a dinner combo
19+ only. Beer and wine will be served. Doors open at 6:30pm for dinner guests.

*Early bird pricing ends Wednesday, April 23. Prices are subject to tax. No refunds or exchanges.

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