Arbutus Ridge Townhouse Development in LEGO (teaser image) – Paul Hetherington

Alas, The Ridge theatre, bowling alley and strip mall in Vancouver are gone.  To be replaced by The Arbutus Ridge Townhouse Development.   Paul Hetherington has chosen to replicated this new complex in LEGO.   I speculate that there won’t be a Paul Frank outlet situated here, but I could be wrong.

Seen at BrickCon 2014 in Seattle.  Photograph by Nannan Zhang.  More photos to follow.


Below is what the Arbutus Ridge Townhouse Development complex will look like, based on an artist’s rendering.



Paul Frank’s Julius and Clancy in LEGO form by Paul Hetherington.




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VLC Sandbox Invasion – BrickCon 2014 MOC


Here is the VLC entry for BrickCon 2014′s theme of Invasion.   Initially conceived by Keith (hamslice) with contributions by Dave, Allan, Tim and Shane.  The idea is a sandbox overrun by green army men and the obstacles the bugs sort of like Starship Troopers style.

If you’ve never been to BrickCon (a LEGO fan convention) before mark off your calendars to head down to Seattle for the first weekend in October in 2015.   More info at




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Hothlake City by Tyler and Frances Sky


Congratulations to Tyler Sky whose MOC won the “Medium Planetary Structure” trophy in the Space category at BrickCon 2014 in Seattle.

Tyler and Frances Sky collaborated on this build. They took their latest MOC’s and combined them into a display that they hope could be equally liked by boys and girls.

To see more of Tyler’s Star Wars / Friends mashups, head to his Flickr page.

Tyler also won for Small Spacecraft for his Solomon Blaze Starfighter:


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Brickcon 2014 Award winning MOC – Mouse Guard by Paul Hetherington aka BrickBaron


Welcome to the world of Mouse Guard, the graphic novel, comic and role playing game by David Petersen. These great stories follow the adventures of Lieam, Saxon and Kenzie. Three of the Guards finest guards mice. Their duty is to act as guides and guardians to the common mice living in all the out lying villages. They face many dangers in their adventures and never back down when challenged by a predator.

This Lego model was inspired by the book “Fall” and took 6 weeks to complete. It was debuted at Brickcon 2014 in Seattle where it won the “Best Art” and “Best in Show” awards. Seattle’s ArchLUG will be presenting more classic Mouse Guard LEGO creations in 2015 at Emerald City ComicCon.

To view more of Paul’s amazing MOCs please head to his Flickr account.

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4th Annual Literacy Building Challenge – Surrey City Central – Oct 18th and 19th, 2014

Calling All LEGO Enthusiasts!

Come see LEGO Certified Professional, Robin Sather build a large scale Jack-O-Lantern onsite and enjoy all the other fun LEGO activities! The 2014 theme for the 4th Annual Literacy Building Challenge is Imagination. Each sponsored team is challenged to use LEGO to build a structure symbolic of the collaborations that build the community of Surrey. The Literacy Building Challenge raises much needed funds for Early Literacy programs at Surrey Libraries.

Location: Common Area between Winners and Future Shop

Saturday October 18th, 10am – 7pm

Sunday October 19th, 11am – 6pm

Purchase your take home Halloween LEGO Kit for $5

All proceeds support Early Literacy programs at Surrey Libraries (purchase of the kit includes access to LEGO play area)

Join us for Halloween Storytimes

October 18th & 19th at 1:30pm & 2:30pm presented by Surrey Libraries

New this year: Timed LEGO Challenges October 18th & 19th!

With minimum donation of $5. Limited on site registration. Great Prizes to be won!

More info:

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Rebricker of the Week: Tyler Sky aka Tsky64 or Bricksky

Sara at LEGO’s Rebrick website reached out to VLC member Tyler Sky and interviewed him about his prolific building hobby.  It can be found here:

or is reproduced below:

02nd september 2014 at 14:18

Most people can’t imagine taking a 40 year break from anything, but that’s exactly what Tsky64 (or Bricksky as he’s known on Flickr) did when he gave up building with LEGO® bricks.

Of course, it isn’t likely that he saw it as a break really, few do. He had enjoyed playing with bricks as a child, but gave them up as he got older. It wasn’t until recently that he revisited the hobby again as an adult.

Since then he’s joined the Vancouver LEGO Club, and taken home the award for Best Medium Planetary Structure at BrickCon 2013 with his Friends’ Ammunition Reloading Bay, featured on the right.

“It was the first ever LEGO convention I have attended,” explains the ReBricker of the Week. “It was a lot of fun to participate in and a huge unexpected success for me!  I was very happy just to show and share my creations with the public.”

The 50-year-old builder mostly specializes in LEGO space models, but sometimes he branches out to other areas of interest – like Calvin and Hobbes.

“I hope that my creations are unique and inspiring for others,” he goes on. While he will be attending BrickCon again this year, he isn’t bringing on another large space model.

“I will bring some other smaller [models] though…  I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone else brings!” He concludes.

If you’re at BrickCon next Month, come say “hi” to Tsky64 in person. If you can’t make it, you can browse his ReBrick bookmarks here.

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Tintin Land of Black Gold cover in LEGO bricks by Paul Hetherington

Paul Hetherington a.k.a BrickBaron has once again astounded us with another creation which will be instantly recognizable to most based off a Tintin comic cover. Well done!

It’s currently on display at the Oakridge LEGO Store for the month of September 2014

More photos here:

The original cover that it was based on.



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AbbyLUG LEGO creation helps raise money for Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation

A shout out to our neighbours, AbbyLUG, for their fabulous contribution to the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation auction.  They faithfully recreated the new Critical Care Tower built out of LEGO and donated the creation which went to auction at the 3rd annual EllisDon golf tournament at Morgan Creek Golf Course.   The winning bid raised $4500 which goes back to the hospital.  Built by AbbyLUG members, project lead Lee Wager is extremely happy with the monies raised and thanks everyone who helped for their assistance to help create the Critical Care Tower.

Congratulations to all involved in making this happen!


The following article was published in the Langley Times on August 13th, 2014 and has been reproduced here for your convenience.


Members of the Abbotsford Lego User Group work on a replica of Surrey Memorial Hospital’s Critical Care Tower built from Lego blocks.— Image Credit: Submitted Photo

posted Aug 13, 2014 at 11:00 AM

A group of builders from the Fraser Valley recently joined forces to demonstrate that it’s possible to construct a new hospital from the ground up in about 90 hours.

How? You need skill, patience, creativity and about 7,000 pieces of Lego. The result is a two-foot tall replica of Surrey Memorial Hospital’s new Critical Care Tower. The structure even has its own ambulance, helicopter and medical staff — all made of Lego.

The replica was commissioned by Jane Adams, president & CEO of Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation, as a unique auction item for an upcoming charity golf tournament organized by EllisDon, the company that orchestrated the construction of the real Critical Care Tower.

The idea of creating a Lego tower came to Adams after she learned that the Child Life specialists at Surrey Memorial use these simple building blocks to help young patients and siblings in the Children’s Health Centre and the pediatric emergency department cope with their time in the hospital.

Earlier this summer, Lego enthusiast and Langley resident Lee Wager rallied members of the Abbotsford Lego User Group (AbbyLUG) to volunteer their time and take on the challenge.

EllisDon supplied Wager with photos and drawings, and he also paid a visit to the hospital for a closer look. He notes that one of the biggest challenges of using Lego to build architectural pieces is working with Lego’s geometric shapes and figuring out how to accommodate unique features, such as curved walls.

For the hospital tower, Wager and the group had to replicate the one-of-a-kind windows above the lobby and source out enough blue bricks needed to build the distinctive coloured walls of the main building. It’s all part of the Lego building challenge, he says.

“It’s fun to try to create or innovate with Lego, because it has its limitations.”

The Lego enthusiasts’ creation was on the auction block at the golf tournament on July 22. The golfers and guests included many of the contractors, trades and suppliers involved in building the province’s newest and most technologically advanced health care facility.

For more information about Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation, visit

To find out more about the Abbotsford Lego User Group go to


I couldn’t find an image online that matched the angle above, but this one taken from the Fraser Health website shows the Critical Care Tower it was modelled on.




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Thank you for coming out to Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire!

Thanks so much for all who took the time to come out to Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire.  And thanks to the organizers for putting on a great event and providing with us with a great space to show off our creations.    Photos will be up shortly.

As promised, Paul Hetherington (a.k.a. BrickBaron) brought out his Fabuland creation for what might be the last time.   He’s made updates to it since the last video, adding a Fig Theatre which depicts a night charging to battle a dragon all done in an animatronic way.

It was decided to do an onsite build and the choice was a pseudo Great Ball Contraption.  I say “pseudo” since a GBC in the LEGO AFOL community has strict guidelines.  We just wanted something to come together with an existing ball launcher and it mostly worked well over the weekend.  We did even have on engineer who specialized in long conveyor belt systems (3 miles long) come in and give suggestions on how to make ours better.

In addition we brought out a couple of 4×4 Crawlers which took a tour around the site.    Of course, Titanboa would have crushed them with just one eyelash, but whatever.

Also Keith brought this little black box which was not his creation, but oh boy did it put a smile the people’s faces who simply tried to flick the switch.  The original Ultimate LEGO machine is seen in the video below.

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Family FUSE Weekend Vancouver Art Gallery – June 21 and 22nd, 2014


Did you miss seeing our display at Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire?  Well, come out and see us at the Vancouver Art Gallery this weekend, June 21st and 22nd.

For the past year, members of the Vancouver LEGO Club have been building and facilitating the LEGO portion of Douglas Coupland’s everywhere is anywhere and everything is anything which is a major survey exhibition of his visual works.

We intend to build and have the kids play on that theme with our LEGO play brick.  On the hour, we’ll be having short quick build contests for all youngsters to get involved in.


Our area will be run from 11am to 4pm, but there are fabulous child friendly activities happening throughout the entire Art Gallery.  Download the Program Guide now

Make sure you bring some gum to put your mark on Douglas Coupland’s project gumhead.


Our sense of home, community and the world around us is affected by many influences. Join artists, musicians, dancers, performers and educators as they take youhere, there and everywhere! through a range of interactive activities, performances and hands-on workshops!

Featuring: The Cypress Street Band, DB Boyko and Sonic Playground, Malaspina Printmakers, The Now Society and The Vancouver Lego Club.



Douglas Coupland: everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything

May 31 to September 1, 2014

Douglas Coupland: everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything is the first major survey exhibition of the artist’s work and will be presented at the Vancouver Art Gallery from May 31-September 1, 2014. Douglas Coupland is an artist based in West Vancouver whose remarkably prolific production across a diverse range of media over the past 12 years addresses the singularity of Canadian culture, the ubiquity and power of language, as well as the ever-pervasive presence of technology in everyday life. Read more

Visit the exhibition website to learn more.



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