Thank you for coming to Science World After Dark!


Thank you to all the people who came out to Science World After Dark last night.  It was a tonne of fun which was evident by all the people with huge smiles on their faces (okay, alcohol may have been involved) and even larger ones for those who won a coveted Vancouver LEGO Club Game WINNER medal.

The events this time included the LEGO Ball Launcher (of Doom), a partner left hand /right build of an eagle, a bag build of an elephant, speed build of the Marvel Avengers truck and the blind build of Robin’s motorcycle.

Anyways, the leaderboards for bragging rights for each event will be posted soon along with the photos taken from the night.  So come back to our website and check those out soon.

A special shout out to my Left Hand /Right Hand partner Christina, who I somehow managed to lose our round with.  Oh well…  can’t win ’em all.

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