Joining the VLC

So you’re an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO). Do you want to connect with other AFOLs?

If so, the VLC may be the place for you. Joining a Lego User Group (LUG) like the VLC is a great way to socialize with other likeminded people with a passion for all things LEGO.

Being part of the VLC gives you an opportunity to meet and learn from fellow builders, network and exchange ideas and discuss our shared hobby.

Current Membership Requirements

1. Age. We are a group of AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO) and we’ve established that age to be 18 and above.

2. Contact. Reach out to the Membership Director ( indicating your desire to join the VLC. The Membership Director will be your point of contact as you get to know the VLC.

3. Forum and Social Media. Join the VLC Forums. Participate on the forum, introduce yourself and take a look around the various forums available.  Join the Facebook group, and join the conversations, activities and discussions to be found there.

4. Meetings. Attend a few VLC monthly meetings, meet the club directorship, and some of the members.  We want to get to know you first and for you to get to know us to see if we are the right fit for each other and that we have mutually compatible goals. 

5. Membership fee. If invited to become a member, there is a nominal fee and the amount and structure will be confirmed with you over the course of the first few meetings.

Active Membership

Members are required to remain active with the VLC. This includes regularly attending VLC meetings and events, engaging with the membership through social media channels. Not remaining active with the VLC could result in access to the benefits of the VLC being withdrawn.

Right of Refusal

The VLC retains the right to refuse membership to the VLC if, at the discretion of the Directors, potential members and the VLC do not have mutually compatible goals. We are representatives for the AFOL community and have expectations with regard to behaviour from the members of the VLC.

The VLC strives to be inclusive and safe for both its members and the public.

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