Videos from Mini-Maker Faire Vancouver 2013

Whooops… I just dug these videos out from our participation in the 2013 Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire.  I forgot to post them earlier.

In the video below, VLC Member, Keith Reed is being interviewed about the Vancouver LEGO Club by Percy von Lipinski for All Voices.

The following videos are from another maker attendee who was doing some hi-speed video capture.  None of them have sound, as it was just a string of hi-res photos strung together.

Paul Hetherington’s Fun Haus in motion

Fun Haus and Steam Punk Star Wars Cloud City

Our VLC booth display at Mini-Maker Faire Vancouver with no signage and skirting.

Below is an article from the Huffington Post where our club president’s Dave DeGobbi and builder of Crawler Town has his name misspelled.


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