MOC – Unexpected Encounters #1 & #2 – Tyler Sky

Earlier this month, Tyler Sky released photos of a creation called Unexpected Encounters.  Tyler is rapidly becoming a Friends crossover fiend with the Friends universe finding themselves in all sorts of interesting scenarios.

It was quickly pointed out by one of our members that this LEGO Star Wars vignette wasn’t exactly canon, as there were no mushrooms on Hoth.

Unexpected Encounters it turns out was not a solo piece and was soon followed up by Unexpected Encounters #2.  Two chickens walkers cross the street…. sounds like the start of a bad joke…

A little darker that the first.  It was asked whether a black light was involved but it was a strip of coloured LED lighting that gave the trans-yellow pieces an eerie glow.  Can you tell that Tyler is our unofficial club photographer?

For Tyler’s full Flickr gallery head to


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