[MOC] FriendsBrick November – Mia’s Roadster – Tyler Sky

I just can’t seem to catch a break, Tyler is just so fast and prolific in his MOC building.  I saw this one this morning on our forums and figured I’d post it tonight.  Well,  The Brothers Bricks have already picked it up and blogged about his latest creation.

This is Mia’s Roadster, Tyler’s first entry to the Build a vehicle for Heartlake City on Flickr.   The roadster has some cool stylish lines that any Friends would be happy to take a ride in.  You can find more photos on his Flickr page

Car, boat, helicopter … maybe a jetpack is all you need! Show us how you like to go from Point A to Point B the Friendly way.


Build your own Heartlake City vehicle — perhaps a technical marvel that can go from city streets to Clear Spring Mountain terrain, or a stylish automobile to cruise by the Cafe & around the Lake. How it’s powered is up to you: petrol, solar, wind, steam, or maybe human. Let your imagination take you (and possibly passengers) for a ride!




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