Bricklink Designer Program Series 5

Would it be cool to have your MOC made into a LEGO set? Most of use will never have that happen, but through the Bricklink Designer Program, it’s made it one step more accessible for a lot of AFOLs to achieve.

Bricklink just launched their 5th iteration of their Designer Program and one of our VLC directors, Derek Brameyer has two that you can vote for till June 14th.

The first is based on the story of The Old Lady in the Shoe which would make a fabulous play set for kids or maybe at the end of your street of LEGO modular buildings.

Click on the link below to find out more about the build, the backstory and most importantly, if you would like this design to become a set to please give your vote to it.

The second is The Jingle Jet which may just hold the answer to how Santa visits so many households every year on Christmas Eve.

Santa’s sleigh got a sweet upgrade! Hop aboard The Jingle Jet and witness the fastest gift giving in the galaxy!

Click on the link below to find out more about the story of this Vic Viper inspired build and exactly what powers it up. Consider giving it your vote, if it’s one that you want to swoosh over your Christmas LEGO winter village.

Derek is an avid and prolific LEGO builder, constantly coming up with ever more creative ideas for his next build. He’s also a very fast, winning the Elite Speed build at BrickCan for the past two years.

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