VLC’s Dean Lovell MOC of the Year 2023 Award.

Each March the VLC members vote for the MOC of the Year. We ask that our members submit to our private forums when a MOC is completed in the calendar year for consideration for this award. As always, there were a lot of outstanding entries, as there are every year.

The 2023 Award for X Marks the Stud Map Mosaic goes to Dave Windhorst and Paola Felisatti

Note: The Pirates Logo above the map was done by Melinda Moar.

The map is based on a LEGO 2×2 printed tile, that’s been available in 25 sets as of 2023.

It’s definitely better to see this MOC in person to get a sense of the size and texture to this build, in relation to its source material. He used LEGO nets combined with studs to create the wavy look of an ancient map and give it some depth. It contains over 25,000 pieces, and is about 112 studs by 112 studs. For more information about the build and how it was created: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BxIKsJpaloswyKGbttuYnMO2c3sxMN1I/view

The Dean Lovell award is named after a member who sadly passed away many years ago, and it’s our tribute to remember him and the builder he was.

This MOC also won the BrickCan Director’s Choice at BrickCan 2024.

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