Joel Short’s Star Wars Red 5 MOC

I remember when Joel joined the VLC, I asked him what he likes to build. He said that he liked to design really, really accurate LEGO Star Wars vehicle MOCs. Well, he certainly delivers.

18 months ago, Joel set out to build the most accurate possible minifig-scale X-Wing, based on the Red 5 studio model in A New Hope. He also added a few details from the X-Wing cockpit and hanger sets.

Highlights include:

  • Cylindrical laser cannons with side greebles
  • Wing stripes
  • Engine intakes and inner wing details
  • Lit exhaust nozzles
  • 9-sided tail
  • Top greebles with integrated S-foil control knob
  • Detailed cockpit with lighting
  • Custom canopy
  • Photon torpedo tubes
  • Nose cone
  • So many hull angles

More to come! May the Fourth be with you.

Original link:

You can see more of his MOCs on his Flickr. If you like what he does, please follow him.

You may also know Joel as the builder of modded LEGO set 21340 Tales of the Space Age giving it a more “recognizable” flavour and named it Wars of the Star Age. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Wars of the Star Age

Joel has kindly made the instructions for this modification available for free on Rebrickable, so that you can build it for yourself. Note: The red binoculars representing the cloud car only come in one set, the CMF S12 Lifeguard and are a little pricey.

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