The Carrot Patch GBC

Interview by ET

ET: How did you come up with the idea for building this Rabbit Great Ball Contraption (GBC)?

Snowy: It started with a PAB cup of carrots from the PAB wall, and me looking to build my first GBC, a conveyor belt style module. I was experimenting with peg styles on the conveyor belt, and stumbled upon the carrots as pegs. I ended up rebuilding the module at least five times since I first built it in 2019, before the design settled on the current one. It’s now one of my most stable and reliable GBC modules.

ET: Has this build won any awards?

Snowy: I’ve been very lucky to have won a number of awards with this GBC. these are:

  1. Bricks LA 2021: Outstanding Ball Contraption
  2. Bricks By the Bay 2021: Best GBC, & Best in Show
  3. Bricks Cascade 2022: Best Mover
  4. BrickSlopes 2022: Best GBC & Technic
  5. BrickCon 2022: On the Ball

ET: Is there anything you would do to change or alter this GBC?

Snowy: At this point, no, it’s working well. Though I’m always ready for it to surprise me with a new failure mode.

If you want to see this Great Ball Contraption in action visit Brickcan or follow Snowy on Instagram or Youtube.

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