Brickcan in Review

April 22nd and 23rd saw the much anticipated return of Brickcan, after its 3 year hiatus hundreds of builders and thousands of public attendees. This even drew builders from all over North America and saw hundreds of creations on display.

VLC Award Winners

Various VLC members won game competitions with one even winning a theme award!

-Best Microscale Building: Joel
-Green Speed Build: Joel
-Soccer Tournament: Joel
-Master Build: Dave D
-Team Speed Build: Andrew D, Dave D, Daveed, Derek, Keith, Kyler
-Elite Speed Build: Derek
-Parts Pursuit: Derek

VLCs Choice
This year VLC sponsored an award for a truly spectacular build that wowed our members. This year Wizards Tower by Nicholas Johnson was chosen due to the fantastic use of colours in an extremely detailed build.

Interested in more?

Did you visit Brickcan for the first time and are interested in joining a local LEGO fan community? Click here to learn more about joining the VLC.

Don’t forget to visit the VLC during the Cloverdale Rodeo May 19th to 22nd.

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