Part 2: Time To Spruce Up Those MILS Plates!

In the second talk of our ongoing MILS series, former VLC president Allan Corbeil, shares with us the creativity of brick built trees. In his talk, Allan breaks down the different build techniques he has mastered in creating his award winning tree designs.

Though if you were to ask him he would humbly tell you the brick built tree designs were originally in creation with David Guedes, who adapted a design by Micah Beideman.

Allan is well known in the VLC not only for his brick built trees but his breathtaking landscape designs. In his project titled: “Going West” you can see the differences he created by using different variations of tree heights, colours and elements.

By using a wide variety in textures and colours, Allan was able to bring out a more complete and realistic take in his storytelling. Subtle changes in element colours to the fullness of the trees added a new level of depth and complexity to his design.

For those of you that have been following along so far in our MILS journey, I have left a link below to the wonderful PDF Allan put together on how you can create trees to add a new level of dimension to your landscapes.

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