How to level up your city! (With MILS)

Whether we have just received our first set of bricks as young children, or have fallen in love with the crisp ABS as adults, building cities just comes naturally. Creating tall towers, babbling brooks, and pothole free road ways, are just so rewarding. Even more rewarding is getting the oppotunity to show it all off!

Have you ever thought about adding your city creations into a larger city layout for a display or event? What happens when you are integrating and collaberating with other people? How do you know what specs are going to work for all builders involved? The MILS or Modular Integrated Landscaping System may be the answer you are looking for!

In early January, AFOLs from around the world joined virtually for BricksLA, an online LEGO ANE fan convention based in Los Angeles. At the event, VLC member Neil Snowball gave a presentation on the VLC’s efforts to move towards the use of the MILS system for the club’s larger collaborative displays. During his presentation, he outlined the basics of the MILS system, and provided examples of build techniques and integration ideas.

Check out Neil’s presentation: Moving to MILS

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