Thank you for coming to BrickCan 2019!

It was another successful convention and exhibition of BrickCan 2019 for it’s fourth year.   Thanks to all who attended whether it be as an AFOL delegate or as an attendee of the public exhibition.  All of you contribute to making it what it is, a fun time for all full of wonder and merriment of creative endeavours.

One of attractions is the GBC area, or the Great Ball Contraption.   Matt Norman who joined us last year and is a major contributor to this area made two videos for those who couldn’t make it or want to see it in all it’s glory.

One of the fun things to do is to follow a different colour ball through the whole contraption which what the following video does.

Another area where many, including myself, enjoyed spending time for the pure energy and thrill of it was the LEGO BattleBots arena.   Here are some GoPro style videos of some of the matches, courtesy of Will Fong.



And because it was the May the Fourth weekend and the crossover between LEGO and Star Wars fans is natural, in the Duplo play area, there were some familiar creations to be seen, built after hours by the AFOLs.

Here are some of media coverage from the Vancouver Sun and CTV News

“We’re adults who love Lego, but we’re also trying to make sure that we inspire the younger generation,” he told CTV News Vancouver. “Play is still fun even as an adult, and if you’ve lost sight of that, then maybe growing up isn’t the most important thing in the world after all” – James Ritzman of SausageLUG

Make sure you mark your calendars to attend BrickCan 2020 on May 2nd and 3rd.

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