BrickCan 2019 is almost upon us! Have you got your tickets?

I can hardly believe it with all the work that’s been put into World of Wonders at the Museum of Surrey, that we’re just about a week away from the opening of BrickCan 2019!

If you’re looking to purchase tickets, do make sure that you’re buying either through links from the BrickCan website or by entering the URL to the TicketMaster website directly in your browser.  We’ve heard from people who have googled “BrickCan tickets” and been taken to other websites which are charging much more and sometimes in US dollars.  Or worse, they may be sites which just take your money and nothing in return.  

The price is CDN $15 + ticketmaster fees.  Please do your best NOT to purchase resale ticket or from resellers who will charge you more.

The following are the actual links and are what you should see in your browser bar after you click on them.

All the best and hope to see you at BrickCan 2019!

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