I hope you’ve already got your tickets to BrickCan 2016

I hope that you’ve all got your tickets to BrickCan 2016 because I’ve just been informed that the public exhibition tickets are all sold out now.   We look forward to having you see the wide range of MOCs (My Own Creations) that the VLC, as well as all the convention attendees will be bringing to show.

Just to clarify some confusion that we’re hearing from the general public.  There are two things that are going on here.   The first is an adult fans of LEGO convention which is geared toward the builders, this is a four day event which encompasses the Thursday to Sunday.   The second is the public exhibition which is  on the weekend and is open to the general public and that which most of you have purchased tickets to attend in a two hour pre-chosen time slot.

Unfortunately, due to fire hazard constraints the venue will only allow a certain amount of people into the exhibition hall at a time.   It was decided that a two hour time will allow people to see most of the displays.   The hall will be cleared and then the next group will be brought in.   The event organizers will be doing their best to pre-clear everyone in advance of the announced time slot, so you’re not waiting to get in and getting the most value out of your time slot.  So please come in advance of your time slot, as arriving “on time” will probably cause a bit of delay.

If you don’t have tickets,  they also still looking for volunteers to help out, so please get in touch with the organizers if that is something you would like to do.

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