BrickCan 2016 rapidly approaching – April 21st to 24th, 2016

From the BrickCan website:

BrickCan 2016 will be Vancouver’s first ever Adult LEGO Fan Convention. It will also be the largest Public Exhibition of incredible LEGO creations ever held in British Columbia – And it all happens this coming April 21-24, 2016!

BrickCan has been created by AFOLs, for AFOLs.  We have modelled it after our favourite, sister Con – BrickCon – which happens the first weekend in October. Like BrickCon, BrickCAN is a four day event, taking place at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond. We anticipate 200+ AFOLs from across North America and around the world. The first two days are AFOLs only, with the final two (weekend) days as display days, and open to the public. We have a very cool theatre-style space, with 10,000 square feet of flat floor display space, and huge overheads. We definitely hope to utilize the unique characteristics of the space, and would love to suspend some cool MOCs way up high.

BrickCan 2016 is rapidly approaching.   Will you be there?  Register today!

Public attendees can purchase their two hour  time slots through Ticketmaster.


Please note:  The VLC are not running BrickCan.  Any questions should be directed to the BrickCan team at



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