Thank you for coming out to Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire!

Thanks so much for all who took the time to come out to Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire.  And thanks to the organizers for putting on a great event and providing with us with a great space to show off our creations.    Photos will be up shortly.

As promised, Paul Hetherington (a.k.a. BrickBaron) brought out his Fabuland creation for what might be the last time.   He’s made updates to it since the last video, adding a Fig Theatre which depicts a night charging to battle a dragon all done in an animatronic way.

It was decided to do an onsite build and the choice was a pseudo Great Ball Contraption.  I say “pseudo” since a GBC in the LEGO AFOL community has strict guidelines.  We just wanted something to come together with an existing ball launcher and it mostly worked well over the weekend.  We did even have on engineer who specialized in long conveyor belt systems (3 miles long) come in and give suggestions on how to make ours better.

In addition we brought out a couple of 4×4 Crawlers which took a tour around the site.    Of course, Titanboa would have crushed them with just one eyelash, but whatever.

Also Keith brought this little black box which was not his creation, but oh boy did it put a smile the people’s faces who simply tried to flick the switch.  The original Ultimate LEGO machine is seen in the video below.

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