Thanks for attending Science World After Dark Feb 2014 with us!

Well, I guess technically it was called Science World After Dark: The Bricks and Drinks Mixer.  But what we’re calling it is a helluva lot of fun with LEGO on a Friday night.  And the alcohol certainly didn’t hurt.   Except that guy who spilled wine on our LEGO bricks.  We’re not thanking him.  (just kidding, he was good about it.)

So we had a lot of people come through our stations on the second floor to take part in our merriment.  They included:

  • Speed builds – everyone builds the same set in the fastest time possible.
  • Bag builds – everyone builds a small set within a baggie.
  • Partner blind build – people pair up and build a set together, one is blindfolded and assembles the set while the partner gives instructions
  • Themed Freebuild – participants are given access to our tubs of LEGO to build for a set amount of time based on a theme.
  • Brickfilms in the Theatre – I bet a lot of you missed this.  There were awesome stop motion animation LEGO films as well, as our very own Paul Hetherington’s Joker’s Fun House.
  • LEGO Drag Racing – or as I preferred to call it, the Ramp of Doom.   Taking the Legend of Chima Speedorz, you launched your customized sigfig off our ramp and hopefully into a bucket.

As well, we had some of our member’s creations at the entrance of the LEGO Travel Adventure exhibit.

Photos will be up shortly are up for all of those who built your wonderful creations at our themed freebuild station and those of you lucky ones who won your heat at our various events and got the coveted paper gold medal with red brick.   Okay, it was yellow.

Click here for the photos

The adults evening event was so popular (a record attendance for SWAD) that we are being asked to come back to provide entertainment for the next Science World After Dark: The Bricks and Drinks Mixer (Green Month Style) on April 25th, 2014.  Will we see you there?

We’re thinking about a few more different events, different sets and a new area will be opened up for us which will make it even more interesting and that much more fun, if you’re going to come join us again!

Early bird pricing is $18.  Regular pricing is $25 but it sold out before it could get to regular.  So book early.   You don’t want to be like those guys on Craigslist who were scrambling at the last minutes to buy tickets.  Book by clicking on the the above EVERYTHING IS AWESOME or on this boring link Book your tickets now

And if you don’t know why everything is awesome….



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