AbbyLUG (and the VLC) on CityTV Vancouver

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I stole this article from our neighbours AbbyLUG. Adele, a member of AbbyLUG, posted this and was part of the crew being interviewed before the launch of The LEGO Movie which as those who saw it know that Everthing was AWESOME.

AbbyLUG on CityTV Vancouver

The Lego Movie is out in theatres today, and yesterday I had the privilege of representing AbbyLUG on Breakfast TV in Vancouver to talk about the Lego Movie and the joys of being an Adult Fan of Lego! I was in the distinguished company of Lego Certified Professional Robin Sather and Paul Hetherington, AKA The Brick Baron. We had a great time showcasing our creations!

Make sure to get out and see the Lego Movie – there is plenty for Lego enthusiasts of all stripes to enjoy, particularly all the shout outs to the AFOL community. Enjoy :)


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