Thanks for coming out to the Douglas Coupland Brick Lounge at Family FUSE

Thanks so much for coming out last weekend to Douglas Coupland’s Brick Lounge at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Family FUSE Event.  We couldn’t have done this crowd sourced experiment without your participation.  Granted most of the younger participants probably had no idea who Douglas Coupland was, but they sure as heck respond to box upon box upon box of the most colourful LEGO bricks that they’ve ever seen.  As quick builders as they were, they hardly made a dent in his LEGO stash.


Unfortunately, we won’t be able to use all the towers that were built as some crumbled very easily.  We did take as many photos as we could, so maybe you’ll spot yours in the photo gallery below.  However, if you built yours strong, maybe, just maybe you’ll spot yours in Douglas Coupland’s exhibit everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything at the Vancouver Art Gallery debuting in May 2014.

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