[MOCs] Two Vic Vipers: The Bat and the Kringle – Keith Reed

You may remember Keith for his Steampunk Star Wars Cloud City or his other award winning BrickCon 2013 MoCs from earlier this year.  Since then he has built and contributed two Vic Vipers for NnovVember.

The first up is The Bat which uses the fin pieces to a make a nice curve.  Unfortunately, those are grey bat wings (I didn’t even know they came in those colours) as he didn’t have black for some reason.

The second is also simply named.  The Kringle.  As you can probably guess and see, it’s got a Christmas theme to it.   A nice mix of red and dark red slopes.   Who needs Rudoloph? Santa goes 2.0.

For more of Keith’s MOCs head to his flickr page.

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