May 2013 LEGO Oakridge Community Showcase – James H

I’m a big fan of James H’s MOCs.  There’s a simplicity about each of them but yet there is always so much details and many stories going on that bring the diorama to life.

What you’re seeing below (and on display at the Oakridge LEGO Store this month) is a depiction of his own house (sand green), or rather half of it.  He’s built each house so that it opens and closes in half dollhouse style.    The other half (dark green) was built and displayed during our Make A Wish BC & Yukon Winter Wonderland display at the Van Dusen Gardens Festival of Lights (shown below below).

James House

So go check out the display and make sure to drop by on May 17th through 19th for the One Year Anniversary Party where they’re doing an 8 foot tall Yoda build.

An earlier look at the complete dark green house, with dark tan scallop shingles.


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