Preview photo: Lego Lady Gaga – The Born This Way Ball castle by The Haus of Brickbaron aka Paul Hetherington

What can I say, Paul (aka Brickbaron) has done it again.  Inspired by Lady Gaga’s last visit to Vancouver, where Paul told us he would be missing our monthly VLC meeting to “do research” for a project he was working on. That research turned up at our February VLC meeting as Lady Gaga’s Born this Way castle set.  I’ve seen this MOC in person and in motion and am continually blown away by what comes out of Paul’s head and molded into brick form.  Just in case you were wondering, yes, the stage moves as in real life and the dancers dance.   Hopefully you will have a chance to see it for yourself in person or when he uploads his photos and videos of this in action next week.

Even though a steak was released with the Butcher collectible minifig, PETA activists should be pleased to note that she is not wearing a meat dress.

From BrickBaron’s Flickr account

The Haus of Brickbaron presents;  Lego Gaga, The Built This Way Ball

Lego Lady Gaga Castle

Little Monsters, here is a preview of my recreation of Lady Gaga’s stage show in Lego. It will be at Bricks Cascade this weekend in Portland. March 9th and 10th, 2013 at the Portland Convention Center. I’ll be posting pictures and videos next week.

For comparison, an image that I found online at of the real Lady Gaga castle coincidentally from the January 2013 Vancouver concert.


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