Lego Myths and Muses 2012 photos

Happy Canada Day from the Vancouver Lego Club!

Here’s some overview shots of the now completed Surrey Museum Display, Myths and Muses.  A lot of work went into it and it was marathon finish up until the very last day.

If you have the opportunity to go see it, please do check it out and tell a friend and/or bring some kids with you.  It’s open already and goes on till Sept 15th.

1. The Entrance Way, Rome straight ahead

2. Rome straight ahead,  Underwater battle, Egypt to your right.

3.  Circus Maximus, Mount Olympus, Greece, Troy,


Of course, there’s so much more to see and even more up close.  More photos will be posted as the display goes on.  Keep an eye on our gallery by signing up for our website or our twitter feed.

In the weeks ahead, there will be posts about some of the builds and what went into some of the creations that you’re able to see, if you head on over to the Surrey Museum.

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