Art Vancouver 2024 – Paul Hetherington

Earlier in April, VLC member and prolific LEGO artist, Paul Hetherington displayed a selection of his builds on Sunday at the request of Geoffrey Erickson. Geoffrey was looking to have a presence there to bring awareness to AE100, the 100th centenary of Arthur Erickson’s birth.

Over the years, Paul has built some of Arthur Erickson’s iconic homes in the LEGO brick medium including Smith House II, Eppich House I, and Eppich House II.

It was well attended and the displays received a very positive response from attendees. There are lots of LEGO fans and Arthur Erickson fans out there!

Paul Hetherington and Geoffrey Erickson
Smith House II – Photo by Blaine Campbell 
Eppich House I (Hugo) – Photo by Blaine Campbell 
Eppich House II (Helmut) Photo by Blaine Campbell 

Photos directly above taken at The Bricktacular West Coast Modern Show (2023) by Pierre Chum

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More photos from BrickCan 2024

Some of my photos didn’t manage to upload yesterday, so I’m adding a few more of my favourites from the recent BrickCan 2024.

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Thank you for attending BrickCan 2024 Exhibition

This past weekend was a lot of fun with so many of you coming out to see the incredible builds that our talented attendees brought with them. The River Rock Theatre was the host to a full spectrum of themes built on display. Following are a small sampling of my personal favourites, but are by nowhere near representative of the volumes on display. Apologies that I’ve not got all the MOC cards with the title and builder names on it.

For those of you who missed out, do mark in your calendar the beginning of January 2025 to be on the lookout for tickets for BrickCan 2025. Probably best to follow the @BrickCan instagram page for the official launch date.

If you’re an adult builder and/or you’ve wondered what goes on behind the scenes, Tom Alphin of the blog BrickArchitect wrote about his thoughts on BrickCan 2023 (link below). It’ll give you a good idea, of whether it’s something you would like to consider for next year or not.

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BrickCan 2024 is almost here!

For those of you who are lucky to have bought tickets early to BrickCan 2024, it’s quickly coming up this weekend. Unfortunately, tickets sold out quite in advance this year, as it is an ever popular LEGO event in the Lower Mainland. The VLC has members there at the River Rock Resort setting up their LEGO builds, as well as many AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) from across North America, and as far as Australia, doing the same to bring you a lot of amazing LEGO creations by talented builders.

Looking around the theatre, it will not disappoint. We hope to see many of you there!

For those that missed out, do follow the BrickCan Instagram account, to find out when tickets become available for next year’s BrickCan. @BrickCan

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Thank you for coming to the Museum of Surrey!

We had an amazing run of our Everything is Still Awesome display at the Museum of Surrey and sadly it has now come to an end.

We do hope that you had a chance to come out to see it. If you did not or you want to see it through a different lens, you’re still able to see our display virtually.

Thank you to all of our VLC members who took part in contributing towards this successful exhibition. As well as to the Museum of Surrey for having us there and the staff who helped to make it shine even further.

Till the next one!

(psst.. it’s the sold out BrickCan 2024, next week)

The VLC crew

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VLC Returns to Fan Expo (2023)

The VLC is once again returning to FanExpo Vancouver where we will be bringing some fantastic that celebrate what our members are fans of. Expect to see dazzling pop culture builds, some giant Great Ball Contraptions, LEGO races, and more.

For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit the FanExpo Vancouver website.

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Meet the Builders of Everything is Still Awesome!

This Saturday, February 10th, some of the builders of the VLC’s “Everything is Still Awesome” exhibit will be on hand at the Museum of Surrey. They will take the opportunity to answer your questions, show off some easter eggs, and talk a little about their contributions to this wonderful display.

This will take place between 1 and 2 PM so make sure you get there early. If you’re not able to attend during this event make sure you stop by before the exhibit closes on March 31st.

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Wars of the Star Age Saga – Joel Short

The other day VLC member Joel Short’s build “Wars of the Star Age” was debuted and gathered the attention of many other LEGO and Star Wars fans, including The Brothers Brick, who highlighted this spectacular build by Joel.

The level of detail conveyed with so few pieces make this build truly incredible. If you want to see this build in person it will be at FanExpo Vancouver, February 17th through 19th, 2024

Wars of the Star Age

Update: Joel has kindly made the instructions for this modification of 21340 Tales of Space Age available for free on Rebrickable, so that you can build it for yourself. The red binoculars representing the cloud car only come in one set, the CMF S12 Lifeguard and are a little pricey.

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The VLC Train Kept Rolling – Vancouver Train Expo 2023

This past weekend the VLC returned to the Vancouver Train Expo with a fresh new town and train layout. Our largest exhibit yet with the Train Expo featured multiple tracks of rolling stock, a train yards and station. The display was so engaging with the crowd that we won the People’s Choice award!

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Everything is Still Awesome! – Museum of Surrey

VLC, in partnership with the Museum of Surrey, has started our largest show of the year! “Everything is Still Awesome” celebrates the 20 years that VLC and the Museum of Surrey have partnered for exhibits and draws upon LEGO® fans love of nostalgia.

If you love classic LEGO®  themes like Space, Castle, Adventures, Vikings, and Pirates this show has something for you, with multiple exhibits including a timeline with actual LEGO®  builds. Be sure to also take note of pieces from previous VLC exhibits with the Museum of Surrey, as well as nostalgic artifacts of some unique LEGO® displays.

This free exhibit is open until March 31st 2024 at the Museum of Surrey.

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