Rock and Roll dreams can come true

In March Paul Hetherington was interviewed on Elvis Radio on Sirius XM to talk about his LEGO Elvis 68 Comeback Special Tribute. The studio is onsite at Graceland in Memphis. Paul talked to the hosts about how he created the Elvis moc as well as his journey as a LEGO artist. His moc was featured on the official Graceland Instagram post which you can see here.

If you want to see more of Pau’s work you can view his portfolio here.

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Where to see the VLC!

Now that we’re a few months into the year a lot of plans are starting to come together regarding where you’ll be able to see VLC exhibits!

Firstly, April 21st and 22nd many members from the VLC will be exhibiting at Brickcan, this sold out show brings together builders from all over the world.

After Brickcan, you can come see the VLC at the Cloverdale Rodeo, May 19th to 22nd with some fantastic builds.

Near the end of the year we have the largest install of the year with the Surrey Museum October 17th till March 31st. Enjoy classic themes of the past with the VLC. Explore the history of VLC exhibits at the Museum of Surrey, and join the VLC in a tribute to some of the classic LEGO themes of your childhood.

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Sea to Sky Model Train and Hobby Show Returns

The VLC will be returning to Squamish, March 18-19, for the Sea to Sky Model Train and Hobby Show. This show brings together different train clubs from the region to showcase some amazing layouts.

Come check out our town and train display and see some of the fantastic work that our members create and get your tickets here.

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VLC at Fan Expo 2023

Over the Family Day weekend the VLC returned to Fan Expo 2023 where we saw a weekend full of Battle Bricks and amazing displays. Multiple different fighters entered the ring with only a few surviving!

The VLC also contributed builds from many amazing sagas such as Star Wars, Halo, Encanto, Back to the Future, and many more for attendees to admire. We even had finalists from LEGO Masters Season 3, Dave and Emily, in attendance to meet fans

Also featured was Brickcan, where the VLC will be attending in April, with some Brickcan themed builds to give a taste of what is to come there.

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The VLC returns to Fan Expo!

Next weekend the VLC will be returning to Fan Expo Vancouver February 18th to 20th at the Vancouver Convention Center. Stop by our booth to see some great ball contraptions, Battlebricks, and incredible builds!

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Reflections and Looking Ahead

As the year comes to a close, we at VLC are thrilled to reflect on the successes we have had over the past year and to look forward to what the future holds.

One of the highlights for our club this year has been the return to in-person events. After a two years of online meetings and virtual events, we were finally able to safely gather together again and participate in the meetings, activities, and events that bring us together as a club. It was a joy to be able to connect with our members in person once again and to see the enthusiasm and excitement they brought to our events.

VLC at Fan Expo 2022

In addition to returning to in-person events, we have also been working bringing back activities for our members during the monthly meetings. This has been a year of rebuilding for the club both in terms of getting active with our community and with each other. In this past year we have attended many new events, which have created foundations for future shows, and have started work on some of our biggest shows yet.

VLC at the Sea to Sky Train & Hobby Show 2022

Finally, we are pleased to announce that our club roster has been growing steadily over the past year. We have welcomed many new members into our community, and we are excited to see how they will contribute to the club in the coming year.

As we look ahead to the future, we are filled with hope and excitement for all that is to come. We look forward to seeing you at Fan Expo 2023, Brickcan, and other events throughout the year.

If you’re interested in joining the VLC, please checkout or membership page for more details.

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FraserValleyBricks Surrey Christmas Bureau Fundraiser 2022

For the past many years, VLC member, Andrew Delbaere has been leading the drive to promote LEGO and monetary donations for the Surrey Christmas Bureau. If you can, please consider helping out with a financial donation or by dropping off a LEGO set. And please follow Andrew on Instagram @FraserValleyBricks and other social media.

Well, it’s that time of year again!

With the holiday season around the corner, I will once again be collecting LEGO and donations for the Surrey Christmas Bureau. And I ask for and appreciate your support in achieving this.

If you know me, you know how much I’ve always loved LEGO and the joy/creativity it can provide.

LEGO isn’t cheap, and it’s financially out of reach for many families. By donating new LEGO sets to the Surrey Christmas Bureau, we’re able to get this great toy in the hands of some who wouldn’t have had that opportunity.

If you’re not able to bring new LEGO sets in to be donated, then I highly encourage you to donate to the Surrey Christmas Bureau, as they help brighten the holiday season for so many families in Surrey. You can do so at the link below.

Last year we collected $3737 worth of new lego and $360 in donations for the Surrey Christmas Bureau, and we were able to create a 5ft tall mountain of LEGO that was donated to families in need!

Thank you for your support,

      – Andrew aka FraserValleyBricks

The Surrey Christmas Bureau is the largest Christmas charity in British Columbia, providing toys and holiday meals to low income families for over 40 years.

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Sea to Sky Train & Hobby Show 2022 video

If you couldn’t make it out to last month’s Sea to Sky Train & Hobby Show up in Squamish at the Railway Museum of BC to see our fantastic train layout, then please have a look at the following video.

Video courtesy of VLC member, Neil Snowball

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VLC Goes to the Mountains in the Sea to Sky Model Train and Hobby Show

This past weekend the VLC was the Railway Museum of BC where we had the largest town and train layout that the VLC has ever made. This included multiple train stations, rail yard, downtown city, some rural farms and much more.

This show had multiple trains running on the two sets of track, streetcars, including replicas of a GMD 6F6C Electric Locomotive hauling coal trains, and Locomotion No.1.

The layout even managed to include two pop culture icons hailing from BC. One brand new icon and the other an icon of the BC film industry.

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Visit the VLC at Recovery Day BC 2022

Come visit the VLC this weekend, Saturday Sept 10th, 2022 for Recovery Day BC. This is the 10th anniversary of the event is Canada’s largest mental health and addiction recovery event.

For more information about Recovery Day please visit their website.

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