Art Vancouver 2024 – Paul Hetherington

Earlier in April, VLC member and prolific LEGO artist, Paul Hetherington displayed a selection of his builds on Sunday at the request of Geoffrey Erickson. Geoffrey was looking to have a presence there to bring awareness to AE100, the 100th centenary of Arthur Erickson’s birth.

Over the years, Paul has built some of Arthur Erickson’s iconic homes in the LEGO brick medium including Smith House II, Eppich House I, and Eppich House II.

It was well attended and the displays received a very positive response from attendees. There are lots of LEGO fans and Arthur Erickson fans out there!

Paul Hetherington and Geoffrey Erickson
Smith House II – Photo by Blaine Campbell 
Eppich House I (Hugo) – Photo by Blaine Campbell 
Eppich House II (Helmut) Photo by Blaine Campbell 

Photos directly above taken at The Bricktacular West Coast Modern Show (2023) by Pierre Chum

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