B-Boys BrickNerd article by Melissa Revke

A number of our VLC members are contributing writers for the blog website BrickNerd. This blog caters to those who really want a deep dive to know everything about the LEGO brick in all its shapes and forms, this is the place for you. Their readers true to the name are Brick Nerds, as we all are. Please do check their website out.


If you have ever attended BrickCan at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, BC, Canada, you may have wondered a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes. Who are these smiling faces that greet you at the door and in line while you’re waiting? VLC member, Melissa Revke, did an interview with Miles Finlay and Stephen Joo and there alter egos, Miffy and Yo-Yo, as the B Boys promoting AFOBLife. Read more about what makes these two tick and why BrickCan is so special to them and why they are so special to BrickCan.


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