VLC member’s LEGO set design is available for pre order at Bricklink until April 15th

Hey everyone.

Just spreading the word that my original LEGO set design is available for pre order now at bricklink.com

Brick 2.jpg


Brick 3.jpg


Brick 4.jpg

I would really appreciate any support over the next two and half months to try and get this set funded. It would just be super cool to have it produced! :lol:






So much creative potential lies within the iconic LEGO® brick, and this design gives the builder a taste of the limitless ideas just waiting to burst out. At the center of the design is a poseable anime character with your choice of heads. Micro models of different themes that surround the character include a: quaint castle, cargo ship with lighthouse, futuristic skyscraper, a cute parrot, and many more! Display this design with your favorite LEGO sets in your collection to inspire creativity. If you can imagine it, you can build it!

Designer’s notes

I would like people to notice the individual micro-builds in the set. The steam locomotive, parrot, and castle in particular, showcase some interesting building techniques. There are also some fun and complex connections used within the structure of the character’s anime head. I think people will enjoy building the diverse styles used within this set. There is something for everybody!

Design inspiration

The inspiration to build Imagine it! Build it! came from my desire to try and visually represent the creative power that is present in the LEGO brick. Celebrating the creativity in the LEGO brick seemed like the ideal subject for a joint BrickLink and LEGO set.


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