Paul Hetherington’s “Imagine it! Build it!” Selected as Finalist in Bricklink Designer Program

VLC member Paul Hetherington aka “Brickbaron”, has had his incredible creation “Imagine it! Build it! selected as one of the 16 finalists in Bricklink’s AFOL Designer Program contest.

This contest, a partnership between Bricklink( and LEGO® invited the AFOL community to design MOC’s using Bricklink’s Studio 2.0 program, with the opportunity for their creations to be turned into limited edition LEGO® sets that would be available for purchase.

The “Imagine it! Build it!” MOC will now move on to a crowd funding stage beginning on February 1st, and we’ll be sure to share the details of how you can purchase the set when they become available.  Until then, we’ll have to settle for these pictures of yet another fantastic build by the Brickbaron.

View the model page HERE

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