LEGO 1983 e902 Flyer Trolley bus for sale! or is it…..

Have you ever seen an incredible MOC online that is so good that you wanted to buy it? Well, a person in Vancouver seems to have admired it so much, they want to sell it on Kijiji. Problem is, that it’s not the posters ability to sell, as he does not own it. Will Fong, the person in the background of the photo, is a member of the VLC and he is the one who designed and built it and the listing is not his.

In any case, if you really do have a liking for BC Transit vehicles in LEGO form and you do have $3,500 burning a hole in your pocket, then Will would be willing to sell it to you. Just get in touch with us here and we will get you in touch with Will, the designer and creator. If you scroll down, you’ll see that it was featured on Global BC News last week.

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