BrickCan 2017 convention starts today!

For those of you in the know, you’re already registered for BrickCan as a delegate for the full four day conference.  You’re probably putting the finishing touches on your MOCs before heading out to the RiverRock Resort later today.

For most of you though the real fun begins on Saturday and Sunday, when all the hard work done by the attendees comes together and you the viewing public get to come and see  all the creations that builders from around the world have built.  

So if you haven’t got your tickets already, what are you waiting for?  Remember it sold out last year, to the point that people were trying to scalp tickets on Craigslist for exorbitant amounts of money.  (Please don’t support that type of behaviour.) 

To attend the public exhibition please click here

Due to fire and safety regulations we are limited to the amount of people able to be in the exhibit hall at any time.  You will be signing up for a time slot, so please arrive at least 20 minutes before that to assure you maximize the time inside.   The feedback from last year was that it was a good amount of time, with only a very few expressing that they needed more time.   With young children, attempting to drag this out to a whole day to “maximize” your dollar isn’t worth it.  And if your kids are still itching for more, there’s a “creation station” that they can go to afterwards to extend the visit. 

Have fun and see you there!


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