Vault 604 at BrickCon 2016

Okay. So I’m way behind in posting to the VLC front page, since BrickCan 2016 has long come and gone. We’ve participated at the 30th Anniversary of Expo 86 at Science World, Vancouver’s Mini-Maker Faire at the PNE Forums, a few of us were at LEGO’s Imagine Nation Tour and then most recently at BrickCon 2016 in Seattle. Whew… that’s glossing over a lot and missed a few smaller things, but I’ll try to make separate mini posts for them and backdate so it chronologically makes sense.

So back at BrickCan 2016 in April, one of our members Keith, came up with an idea of a RLUG collaborative build. Using the popular Fallout Shelter app, which he also hopelessly addicted many of our members to in “research” for this project. He described it as kind of an ant hill, where everyone, no matter the size of their collection could contribute a room. And it worked well in that many newer VLC members built for it. Another suggestion was made to light it up internally, as we couldn’t tell where the room lighting would be facing and we wanted people to notice all the details. Another suggestion was made to recreate an elevator… and suddenly it was taking a life of it’s own.

So BrickCon 2016 is rolling around and Keith figures to open it up to neighbouring LUGs, like MILUG members who are coming to BrickCan to also build for it. So Jason whips up a new distributable sheet for the Vault 604 Fallout Shelter standards, so everyone could get on board. And they did.

VLC member Kyler has provided video of the layout.

The group won “Best Picture” in the Screen Scenes category.

So if you’re coming to BrickCan 2017, take a look at the Vault 604 Standard and build something to add on. Let’s make it even bigger and even better. Please note that the lighting standard will probably change, as IKEA has discontinued this brand of LED lights.

UPDATED: For more info:

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