LEGO: A Fraser Valley Odyssey opens today at the Surrey Museum

You may have been thinking to yourself, that it’s been a bit quiet around here.   And you would be right, but thing have been hopping backstage with three different displays/events in the next week.

Opening today is LEGO: A Fraser Valley Odyssey at the Surrey Museum (in Cloverdale) and will run till September 16th, 2015.

Admission is sponsored by the friends of the museum which can be read as FREE! but please do support the museum by donation if you enjoy what you see.

Please excuse the Ice Age section of our display, we put a lot of effort into all the other time periods that we didn’t have a lot of time to think this era through.  Frankly, if you think about it there wasn’t a whole lot happening there at the time but we’ll fix that soon.  Check out the rest of the displays and come back in a week or two and recheck the Ice Age then.

Explore the Fraser Valley’s past, present and future in the Surrey Museum’s new ‘LEGO: A Fraser Valley Odyssey’ exhibition. 

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