Slow News days at the Vancouver Sun – LEGO related articles

Must be slow news days at the Vancouver Sun. Normally, I wouldn’t post these here as they are to say the least, oddball.  For the past few days, the Vancouver Sun have posted articles which mention LEGO and not in a good light.  I provide these more for your amusement as they are rather silly articles.  And no, they weren’t even posted on April Fool’s day.

Priest: New Legos ‘can destroy souls’

We’re evil? Okay, Unikitty is.

The first one was about a Polish Priest who decried the evil direction that LEGO is heading in with their Monster Fighters line with it’s Lord Vampire.  New Legos “are a tool of satan and can destroy souls”.  (yup he’s evil, he pluralized Lego)  Of course, he’s also come out against, Hello Kitty and My Little Pony (sorry, bronies)

LEGO is Evil: Priest says.

I see it now. Kim is in the middle and the others are the Real Housewives.

The other was an article about products with gender bias.  And it determined that the LEGO Friends brand was the equivalent of The Real Housewives television series or Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  To their credit, they did write that “when product packaging skews male or female, it is rarely pointless.”

Why gendered products not only persist but thrive

Yay! Everything is AWESOME!

But on a positive note, Tegan and Sara won a bunch of Juno awards.  Although long time artists, they have most recently had a wave of new converts to their music, due to them performing the ever popular song from The LEGO Movie, Everything is Awesome.

Tegan and Sara finding Everything is Awesome

“When I went to see the movie, I was sitting outside the theatre and I could hear the song blasting out of the (cinema),” Quin recalled. “I was both weirdly proud and then also terribly embarrassed of being there. I was just like, oh my God, are people going to come out of the theatre and be like: ‘Oh, there’s the idiot who sang the song sitting out there. What the hell is she doing?’

“It’s so awkward. But I also was like, this is amazing. This is so cool. To be sitting here laughing and listening to the song.”

Editor: I recently heard first hand from a well known person that he was singing the Everything is Awesome song in the car with his friends and then they ended up at a restaurant sitting at the table next to you, Tegan and Sara.  So no, they were not thinking you were an idiot, they think you’re awesome.

Tegan and Sara, their clothing as colourful as LEGO bricks. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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