Beyond the BrickBaron – Paul Hetherington interviewed on video

Paul Hetherington a.k.a. BrickBaron is a LEGO builder and artist who is well known throughout the LEGO AFOL community.  Last night, he did an interview with Joshua Hanlon and Matthew Kay from the YouTube channel Beyond the Brick.   It was an informative interview with a lot of good questions and answers and insights into how Paul builds. (hint: deadlines)


Paul Hetherington (BrickBaron) with author and visual artist Douglas Coupland

The interview also reminds me of his many accomplishments that I’ve missed blogging about in the past few months.   He had an article in the February 2014 Brick Journal, his award winning Joker’s Fun House, his won the of the Dean Lovell MOC of the Year award, a few community showcases at the Oakridge LEGO Store and his “advert”-like 40th Anniversary Minifig bus.

We are spoiled and grateful to have him as a member of the VLC and continually look forward to seeing all that he has yet to create for many years to come.

Streamed live on Apr 9, 2014

Joshua Hanlon and Matthew Kay talk with Paul Hetherington.

Joker’s Funhouse:

40th Anniversary Minifig build:

Dean Lovell Award:

Vancouver B.C. Union Station:

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