DIY Daniel Evan White: Lego Build Day – Museum of Vancouver – Dec 14, 2013

Have you ever looked at a photo and said, “I could totally make that in LEGO?” Well, about a month ago, I got introduced to the architecture of the late Daniel Evan White and thought to myself the same thing.  What, you’ve never heard of him? Well, unfortunately that’s not an uncommon response.  White was a local architect who designed residential houses, so his structures are not as well known as other prominent Vancouver architects, but they are quite distinct in his style.

So it’s with this thinking that the Museum of Vancouver is using LEGO bricks to bring people in to see their latest exhibit Play House: The architecture of Daniel Evan White.  While the exhibit is running until March 2014, this event is one day only on Saturday December 14, 2013.

You’ll have the option of building some modernist architecture buildings built out of LEGO sets which is being run by Vancouver Brick Games.  In addition , Jonathan Vaughn Strebly has even made it possible for you to build White’s Mate House, (the one pictured below) entirely of LEGO bricks.

For our part the Vancouver LEGO Club will be bringing it’s members and big tubs of LEGO brick to either build in the style of Daniel Evan White or just simply free build with more LEGO than you probably have available to you at home.   Our portion is free with your admission to the Museum of Vancouver but I highly suggest that you book ahead, so we know how to plan.

Please be aware that even though you will be building your own personal masterpieces, you will not be allowed to keep any LEGO pieces.

This event is both kid and adult friendly.   LEGO is family friendly, so don’t just bring your kids down to play.  Build something yourself while your kids are building.

To find out more about Daniel Evan White, head to

There is also a booklet you can purchase at the MoV for the exhibit.

DIY Daniel: Lego Build Day – Dec 14, 2013 – 11am to 5pm

For one special afternoon the Vancouver Brick Games, the Vancouver LEGO Club and Johnathon Vaughn Strebly have teamed up with the MOV to celebrate the playful legacy of Vancouver architect, Daniel Evan White. Come and co-create an immersive architectural and experimental play space where you will re-build canonical architectural masterpieces or design your own original hallmarks of modernist fare from 11am – 5pm, Dec 14, 2013. This family friendly build day will feature an opportunity to view models, embark on your own hands-on exploration of Architectural LEGO to complement our current exhibition Play House: The Architecture of Daniel Evan White.

12:00pm Modern Masterpieces: Speed Build: Hosted by the Vancouver Brick Games. A build where participants build sets of modernist Architectural LEGO to compete for awesome prizes. $18. Register below.

2:00pm Maté House: Build it out of LEGO!: Hosted by Johnathan Vaughan Strebly. For the first time, registered participants build a LEGO model Daniel Evan White’s Maté House using LEGO instructions created by the host especially for this event. $18. Register below.

3:00pm Make Yours Look like Daniel’s: Daniel Evan White Build: Registered participants build their own modernist residences or abstract shapes using basic white LEGO bricks in the spirit of Daniel Evan White’s Architecture. Results judged by Johnathan Vaughn Strebly + TBA guest Judges. $18. Register below.

11:00am – 5:00pm All Ages: Open Build: Throughout the day, attendees of all ages are encouraged to build in the spirit of Daniel Evan White. Interpret his aesthetic through the unique geometries of LEGO in the Open Build. Hosted by the Vancouver LEGO Club. By general admission | MOV Members free.

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