LEGO Painting – Montague Channel by Frances Sky – blogged by Mariann Asanuma

Today I was looking at Mariann Asanuma’s blog, Model Building Secrets.  Mariann is a former LEGO Master Model Designer and now a Freelance LEGO Artist and Author.  Well, I spotted a familiar piece by Frances Sky, wife of prolific space MOC builder and VLC member, Tyler Sky.     I’m familiar with her piece but the attention is certainly worthy of a post on our blog!

Frances’ artistic practice is rooted in abstract expressionism. She is also influenced by improvisation music such as Peter Van Huffel, and Aurealis’ jazz sphere. Her paintings engage the viewer in a visual inquiry between atmospheric and lyrical qualities of the form and the hard physicality of material, Lego.

It should be noted that this is her second piece of art working in this new medium of LEGO on LEGO, currently being called a LEGO painting.

To read Mariann’s blog post click the link below.

As mentioned in Mariann’s post Frances work’s can be seen here:

It seems France has done another LEGO medium work of The Lions.

And of North Island:

Unfortunately for Tyler, he says she’s using all his favorite pieces.  But on the flipside, she has green lit the purchase of more Lego!



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