Thanks for coming! Family FUSE Weekend – Saturday LEGO Creations

Family Fuse WeekendFor those of you who came out to Family FUSE Weekend on Saturday at the Vancouver Art Gallery we’ve got some of the photos of your creations captured here on our website

Unfortunately, I forgot to charge all 3 of my DSLR batteries plus on top of that having a bad setting means the first 88 photos I took didn’t come out at all.  So the rest were taken on my camera phone.  Hopefully though you can find yours amongst all the fantastic creations.  Thanks for building buildings with us.

And for those of you who haven’t come down, there’s always today (June 9th)!  I know one young boy is coming down again to continue working on his creation.

It might take us awhile to get the Sunday photos up, as I won’t be there today and I’ll have to get the images from another member.

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