LEGO GAGA, The Built This Way Ball – BrickBaron aka Paul Hetherington

Vancouver LEGO Club brick artist Paul Hetherington has released his photos of LEGO Lady Gaga castle tour set including a video of it all in action and set to Lady Gaga’s song Just Dance.  Crank up the volume and click on the photo below to start the video.

Paul has taken the time to recreate many of the iconic moments and outfits from Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball tour.  It went to BrickCascades in Portland earlier this year and I’m not sure where this MOC is going to show up next on display (but we’ll let you know when it does).  For more photos of Paul’s LEGO Gaga, please go to BrickBaron’s Flickr photostream

Lego Lady Gaga, Black Jesus, Amen Fashion


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