“It’s official!” A Lego Brand Retail store for Guildford Mall

I went to the Oakridge Mall Lego store today to go take pictures of Vancouver Lego Club member Lee’s monthly community showcase. And wow! It was phenomenal to see his Lord of the Rings rendition of the jewel incrusted Smaug coming out of the once Dwarven home of Lonely Mountain.  (I had to look that up.  I don’t know Lord of the Rings that well, but the staff at the store do.)  Do get out to see it in person before the end of February as this photo doesn’t do it justice.

Lee LotR

But I digress.

I was taking photos to post on the VLC blog and twitter, (By the way Lee’s MOC can be found in the Duplo section) when the store manager started talking to me and she asked me whether I had heard about the Surrey store. I said, “umm.. no?” And she said, “It’s okay, it’s official.”

New LEGO Stores So it’s “official”, the new Lego Brand Retail Store will be going in at Guildford Mall alongside the renovations at that mall. It will open in the summer or fall of this year. I haven’t been to Guildford Mall for a long time, but last I recall it could use updating.  The addition of a Lego Brand Retail Store there will be greatly visited and appreciated.

So get ready Surrey! Lego is coming your way.

Note: The LEGO Group announced the new store openings in a press release dated today Feb 21, 2013, however I cannot find any information on Lego’s website to confirm the “officialness” of the information stated above, other than what is being said at the Oakridge LEGO store.

http://stores.lego.com/en-us/worldwide- … e-openings

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