Building a Lego Menorah at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver

The Vancouver Lego Club was asked to facilitate a Lego Menorah build at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver this past Sunday.  It was well attended by over 200 children and adults who all had a fabulous time as seen by the faces of all who came.   With over 14,000 bricks, not including the supporting wings and the candle toppers this was certainly a tall one.

While we weren’t looking to do a “world’s tallest” Lego Menorah designation, at a height of 15 foot 7 inches, we were up there with the tallest of the previous Lego Menorah builds.   Realistically speaking though, even if we had more bricks, we were going to hit the ceiling and set off the sprinklers if we went any higher.

Unfortunately for safety concerns, (since we were not allowed to secure the structure to a wall) it was agreed that we would halve the display after the event was over.  The half height Lego Menorah build will be on display throughout Chanukah at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver .

The completed Lego Menorah at a height of 15 feet 7 inches.


Thanks for inviting us be part of your Chanukah party!  Hopefully we’ll see many of you at our Winter Wonderland Lego display at the VanDusen Gardens Festival of Lights.

For Dec 13th Chanukah, JCC members can purchase tickets at a group rate at the JCC Reception and Membership desk.


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