FUN HAUS by BrickBaron – Dia de los Muertos carnival ride

We have this guy in our club, BrickBaron, aka Paul Hetherington, maybe you’ve heard of him?  Well, whether you have or not, you may recognize his creations which continue to astound us and they speak for themselves.  The imagery and colours just draw you in.   It just begs to be pored over inch by inch as you try to capture all the detail that he’s thrown into and then you stand back and say to yourself, how the heck did he do all this?  And what exactly goes through his mind?  Then you realize he’s added motors and gears to it and it comes to life.

Well read on and make sure you check out the video at the end.  To see more of Paul H’s pictures of the Fun Haus, click on the image below.


Welcome to the FUN HAUS! A celebration of life, through death.

Upon entering, the curtains to the afterlife will be parted. You will face your greatest fears and will come out more alive than ever!

I have always been drawn to those colorful clay Mexican Day of the Dead skeletons, and Mexican style in general. There is so much oportunity to use patterns and crazy color schemes. I find that these translate very well into Lego. Not to mention that the fantasy castle skeleton faces make great Day of the Dead faces.

When I was younger I didn’t understand what the Day of the Dead really stood for. I just thought the skeletons were kind of creepy and possibly evil. But the more I learned about it, I found it was really a celebration of Life. For one day and night (November 1st) families gather to remember all the friends and relatives that have passed away. They make decorative altars, use marigolds to decorate their homes, and make tons of skull themed food items. People visit the graves of their loved ones and leave gifts of food. There is singing and dancing, and a parade as well, where people dress up in fancy skeleton costumes with elaborate face painting. It is all very cool!

The Fun Haus captures some of the flavor of the Day of the Dead celebrations. But as with most of my works, there is a twist.

It is also influenced by the paintings of Pooch. Pooch is a very interesting artist with a great eye for making what I would call personality portraits, each with a mandatory roller coaster, pop culture elements and a taste for the macabre. Just like Day of the Dead, very cool!!
I highly recommend his website. Be sure to check out the Thrill Rides.

Fun Haus! is my attempt to combine these two elements, put them into a Moc that would hopefully be accepted into the Town and Train category at Brickcon, include a bunch of power functions features and hopefully entertain all of you!

If you’re at the Oakridge store in October, some of his past MOCs are on display there to commemorate the Halloween season.


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