Member MOC’s: Michael Thomas’s Settlers of Catan

I intend to highlight some of the VLC member’s MOCs (in no particular order), the first MOC is one that made the Brother’s Brick Top 10 List for 2011, Michael Thomas’s Lego Settler’s of Catan.

When one first sees these images, one has trouble distinguishing that it is not real.  This model was created in SR3D and then PoVRay to render into a near photorealistic image.

To our surprise, he had ordered the pieces off of Bricklink to make a real life version of it which can be seen here.  Combining his love of boardgaming and Lego allowed him to bring it to life.  The total cost, as you may well have guessed, exceeded the cost of purchasing the actual game.

Obviously the cards and the dice are not made from official Lego.

You can find out more about this MOC or ask questions of the builder, Michael, in our forums or see more photos in his Flickr photostream.

In one of his photostreams, you will also realize that Michael is responsible for the image that sparked the Minecraft Cuusoo project.

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