VLC Builder Showcase

Andrew D

Likes to build City, Creator Expert, 6-wide Speed Champions

Favourite LEGO colour: Dark Red

Since picking up Duplo as a toddler Andrew never stopped building. You’ll typically find him creating buildings for his city, using a mix of designs from his own imagination, or recreating landmarks including Kim’s Convenience, Central City Brewing or the Belgian Club in Winnipeg. He take a tremendous amount of pride in organizing projects that donate LEGO to those less fortunate, as he feels everyone should have the opportunity to build.

Andrew’s work can be found on these channels:

VLC RoleLUG Ambassador
Available for Commissions?Yes

Blake Lapadula

A prolific Bionicle builder. Also enjoys Alpha team, Power Miners and StarWars.

Favourite LEGO colour: Olive Green

Blake has been building ever since he could walk and talk. Although he is a relatively new VLC member, Blake has grown an online presence through his character and creature creations utilizing mostly constraction parts since 2012 and has competed in many online competitions over the years, most notably Bio-Cup. With the end of CCBS and Bionicle, Blake continues to implement more system Lego into his MOCs with visual cohesion..

Blake’s work can be found on these channels:

VLC RoleMember
Available for Commissions?Yes

David “Lettuce” Guedes

Likes to build/collect Star Wars and Marvel themes

Favourite LEGO colour: Bright Green

David Guedes, aka Lettuce, has been building with LEGO all his life, though he had a “dim age” in his teens, and didn’t buy any new sets for 6 years. He has been active in the fan community since 2014, regularly displaying creations at conventions like BrickCon and BrickCan, as well as interacting with fans of LEGO of all ages. David is a contributor for The Brothers Brick and a founder of DaveLUG. He lives in Surrey with his wife, two sons, a dog, and a house full of little plastic bricks.

David’s work can be found on these channels:

VLC RoleDirector at Large
Past President
Available for Commissions?Yes

John Langrish

Likes early 90’s Space!

Favourite LEGO colour: Flame Yellowish Orange

John has been playing with LEGO as long as he can remember! He credits the online community for keeping his interest in the hobby during his early teen years and conventions for igniting his passion for the AFOL community. Since 2005 he has attended over 40 LEGO conventions worldwide and numerous virtual events. In 2015 he became a founding member of BrickCan where he continues to be a director and driving force behind the event. He counts himself privileged to have made countless friendships with AFOLs from around the world and is always looking forward to the next trip and seeing friends both old and new!

John’s work can be found on these channels:

VLC RoleMember
Available for Commissions?Yes

Neil Snowball

Likes to build Great Ball Contraptions, Town, Microscale

Favourite LEGO colour: Medium Nougat

A life long fan of Lego, Neil slowly emerged from his dark ages as a result of the Lego Architecture line. As an engineer, Lego goes pampers to he desires to create the world around him. You’ll find Neil building Great Ball Contraptions, or working on brick built roads and other townscape features. Neil is also a keen competitive builder, favouring the speed events at the various conventions he attends.

Neil’s work can be found on these channels:

VLC RoleMembership Director
Available for Commissions?Yes

Paul Hetherington

Also known as the Brick Baron, Paul is a full-time professional Lego Artist, who aalso enjoys Batman and Scooby-Doo.

Favourite LEGO colour: Gold

Paul has been collecting and building with LEGO for 30 years. He joined the VLC in 2001 and regularly attends LEGO conventions including BrickCON, BrickCAN, BricksCascade and BrickWorld. Paul’s creations focus on architecture and pop culture icons. His creations are featured in a gallery at BrickUniverse LEGO Conventions. In 2019 Paul was invited to display his work in the LEGO House Masterpiece Gallery in Billund, Denmark.

Paul’s work can be found on these channels:

VLC RoleMember
Available for Commissions?Yes

William Fong

Will is a well-known builder of Lego-combat robots, public transit vehicles, and other creations in the Technic, Town and Train theme.

Favourite LEGO colour: Medium Stone Grey

Will first started his AFOL journey in 2015. Having built the Skytrain to show off at the first BrickCan, he was conscripted by some VLC members to help on another related project, and subsequently joined the club. He’s been an active member since that first event.

Will’s work can be found on these channels:

VLC RolePublicist
Available for Commissions?Yes


If you are interested in commissioning a custom build from one of the VLC members, please check out the contact page for how to contact club with more details to pass on to the member.

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