BrickCan Award winners (lifted from the BrickCan forums)

Here is the place to discuss the local Lego shows and events. What did you like? What would you like to see? Ask about the builders and find out how they built it and where they get their ideas.

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BrickCan Award winners (lifted from the BrickCan forums)

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Posting this on the public side of our forums, so that people that aren't club members or don't read the BrickCan forums can still see who won awards.
Whateverly wrote:BrickCan 2016 Awards:

-- Microscale : The Leader Building by Scott Stasiuk
-- Monument : The Edward Hotel by Johnathon Strebly
-- Edifice : LEGO Modern House - Mid-Century Style by Christina Loch
-- The Lichtenstein : Super Nintendo by Scott Stasiuk
-- The Dali : Steamship in Burrard Inlet by Frances Sky
-- The Monet : Orca by Mary Plumridge
Battle, Western, Steampunk:
-- Steamy Goodness : Unchain My Heart by Paul Hetherington
-- Yee Haw : Western Monument Trestle Ltd. by Anu Pehrson, Tom Rafert and Jon Rasmussen
-- Rootiness Tootiness : The Ray House by Caylin Malloy
Bionicle (and Hero Factory?)
-- Moa Toa : Clockwork Seraphim by Bryan Pelk
-- Noa Moa : Takua by Bryan Pelk
-- Krakatoa : Kahu by Bryan Pelk
-- Best Story : The Quiz by Gregory Moore
-- Best Animation : The Tree by Trevor Sprague
-- Best Set Design : The Tree by Trevor Sprague
Castle and Pirate:
-- Sword in the Stone : Avedon Castle by Theo Stambler
-- The Grail : Smurf Village (Gargamel's Home) by Lee Jones
-- Shiver Me Timbers : The Minotaurus by Ray Morton
Characters, Scenes, Superheroes:
-- Likeness : Dr Who Chess Set by Adam Dodge
-- Caricature : Where the Wild Things Are by
-- You Made a Scene : Vault 604 by the Vancouver Lego Club
Friends Contest:
-- BFF : Friends Starwars by Tyler Sky
-- Like Like : Friends Castle 375 by Stephen Joo
-- It's Complicated : Friends in Space by Paula Applegate, Krys Vanrheen and Dorothy Whitman
Model Team and Realistic:
-- Classic : 1948 Ford Woody by Krista Simpson
-- Concept : Spin Tires by Scott Whitesell
-- Verisimilitude : 1949 Cadillac Series 62 by Jonathan Derksen
Space and Sci-Fi:
-- Inner Space : Galaxy Squad Micro Moonbase by Brad Krick
-- Near Space : Space Defence Force by Taylor Walker
-- Outer Space : the Centurion Eagle by Ray Morton
Technic, Mindstorms, GBC:
-- Rube Goldberg : John's Obsession by John Sherman
-- Slide Rule : Cybermaster Drop of Doom by Michel Magnan
-- Contraption : Caspers Lift by Ray Morton
Town and Train:
-- Vehicle : Stone Slinger by David Hensley
-- Structure : Specific Wharf by Miles Finlay
-- Rolling Stock : Cascade Pacific by David Hensley

People's Choice Award : The Wall by David Gagnon, Dave Guedes and Keith Reed

Best in Show : Caspers Lift by Ray Morton
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Re: BrickCan Award winners (lifted from the BrickCan forums)

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