Games at Fletch's Aug

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Games at Fletch's Aug

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Games at my house - not entirely LEGO oriented but 1 or 2 of the mini tables will be LEGO. Let me know if you want to come over.

Saturday Saturday Saturday!
One Day Only!
Fletch's Game - O - Rama

August 10 3pm until late
Fletch's Place New West.

Mini Swap!
More Games!

Hey gang - short notice I know but I'm going to have a "Thing" at my place next Saturday.

Games - I'm going to set up a few small skirmish-y games to play in the afternoon. My favorite rules right now are Song of Blades and Heroes and Mutants and Death Ray Guns (Great for LEGO gaming). These are rules are easy to learn and great for small teams of figures. I'm planning on 4 tables. Play my teams or create you own with the online army builders. ... ages_id=17

Pizza or BBQ

More Games - I got lots. Boardgames, Card Games, Video Games. Red Dragon Inn is a current fave. Rock Band on the PS3. Suggestions?

Mini Swap - I'm going to continue sorting my mini collection this week. I'll be looking to find a new home for a lot of them. Bring your minis to trade if you want.

Lets me know if you want to come and I'll shoot you the address.

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Re: Games at Fletch's Aug

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Just a reminder notice that this is August 10th today. Hopefully, if you're planning on going, you've got in touch with him to make sure it's still on.
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Re: Games at Fletch's Aug

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How was this? Any play by plays?
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