ISO Rare Star Wars Collectibles

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ISO Rare Star Wars Collectibles

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VLC Member mentioned to post here one of my might be able to help so its a long shot but I Hope one of you may have or may know who may have and be willing to part with.. all or any of the following. I have rare collectible trades as well if it makes sense, cash if not.

1- Toy Fair Invitation - 2009 - Chrome Vader Cube, don't care what color badge. ... conly%22:0}

2- Gonk Puzzle Droid - Rise Of Skywalker Influencer Gift. (PS5) I have the Hoth Xbox version

3- Darth Maul 10018 - used is fine but complete with Box. ... conly%22:0}
> this i can get via bricklink but hoping for a local supplier.

Anyone has any insight or connections would appreciate, just need these to finish to current release sets.
p.s. Brickcan was great, would be awesome to get in on an AFOL time slot if thats possible. Those kids are like pirahanas in a feeding frenzy almost impossible to get a good look at things without being jostled.
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