Looking for lots of black pieces

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Looking for lots of black pieces

Post by Platypus »

Hey folks,

A friend of mine is working on a "Bear Aware" program on the Sunshine Coast and asked me to come up with 300 little LEGO bears, to be given away at events. Kids will get a bear, when talking to city staff/teacher/organizers about making their homes more Bear Aware. The bear kit will include a card with instructions to build the LEGO bear. On the reverse side will be a list of things that anyone can do to help discourage bears from coming to and eating in the city, and ultimately dying as a result of human encounters.
To avoid stealing Robin's recent BrickCan bear design, I specifically didn't look at it, and came up with a 42 piece bear, and I am now looking for these parts.
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... ingle=true

I have noted BL prices. I f you have any of those in new condition, and want to sell, please let me know. So Far I haven't found a way to deliver the bear kits for under $2 each, so If you got any of this stuff on PaB and want to sell at PaB prices, that would be great! My friend organizing this is now also trying to push the idea in the Sri-Cities. So 1000 more bears might be in the works. But today I am thinking about making 300.
David Gagnon - (AKA Daveed or Platypus)
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